Every once in a while, I would encounter something that make me feel like saying “Sorry, I’m not a Singaporean”. Not that I don’t like my country. I love my country and would take up a M16 to defend it at time of war. But sometimes, you will see some jokers from Singapore trying to get away with something funny. And these jokers are bound to be back slashed by everyone in the world. And while they are doing it, they also tarnish the reputation of Singapore.
It is so bad that you wish either they don’t come from Singapore or you don’t come from Singapore. But the sad truth is, we all come from the same little red dot. And I’m ashamed to be living in the same island with them.
It’s very disgraceful to have a Singapore company coming up with ridiculous patent and try to sue everyone in the world. If they ever managed to sue someone successfully using this patent, then the whole entire internet can close down already. What are they thinking?
Suddenly I feel so ashamed to be a Singaporean. Sigh. Why must it be from Singapore again?
Additional Reading: Patent Troll


  1. Moby: I purposely don’t want to name/link them. I don’t think they deserve the publicity. (Anyway, they are already getting enough publicity. So no need me to chip in)
    The Uncharted Water: But still, people will link it to Singapore. Sigh.

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