Respect your own advertisement

Ever since our mail box been upgraded to the anti-junkmail type, we keep getting advertisements at my doorstep. Most try to slide the advertisement under the door. Others find small gap where they can slot the advertisement.
Saw this one day when I return home.

For a moment, I thought someone threw rubbish at my door.
If you don’t respect your own advertisement, why should I even read it? And next time if anyone do this again, I’m going to charge you for making me throw away your rubbish on your behalf.


  1. These kinda distribution methods, they often employ teens or aunties who aren’t in anyway interested in the company, except for the extra money they get out of this. This is bound to happen isn’t it?
    How many companies are there where the same designer who lovingly crafted the ad goes out to distribute it to hundreds of thousands of homes?
    Farinellis last blog post..Gaki no Tsukai

  2. I get advertisements thrown in haphazardly… almost landing at the little “altar” my mum has outside our door. Thank goodness there are no lighted candles or flames around. Who knows what will happen when we are not at home?!

  3. Farinelli: True. But at least put it in a nicer manner lah. See the advertisement on the left. At least that 1 not crumbled when I read it. 🙂
    Nicole: Wow… that is dangerous.

  4. You’ve got a point there. They did made an effort to put the ad outside your unit why not just complete that last step of putting the ad nicely on a gap or something? Then again, I’ll look at advertisements that are relevant to my needs. So if an ad does not meet my need, I’ll ignore it no matter how nicely it is being placed on my door.
    Joannas last blog post..Shift Towards Measuring AJAX Events

  5. i always got ads @ my doorstep, it’s a little annoying, and sometimes they really just slot it in like yours, and i guess the next time when u are charging them for throwing rubbish on their behalf, please let me know, i would like to be part of it! hahahh =p
    elaines last blog post..Super consoling words

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