Felt being betrayed

Feeling sad. Felt like being betrayed. Like being back stabbed by someone whom I have been supporting all these while. It hurts a lot. And it’s heart breaking to see this after doing so much without asking for any returns.
At the end of the cold email conversation, I asked myself, why did I bother helping so much in the past? It is not my project. I’m not even appreciated for the things that I’ve done. Why do I bother? Because I believe in the things that he is doing. Because he is my friend.
And all I wish is a friend who can support my own personal project when I needed help. Maybe not the same way I supported his project. But at least some form of support would be nice. But there is none.
But it isn’t the lack of support from him that hurts me the most. What hurts me the most is that even if there is a conflict in interest, the least least that he can do as a friend is to tell me personally. Email me, MSN me, SMS me or give me a call. Even a direct twitter message will be good enough. But I didn’t get any. All I get is the standard template email. As a friend, I don’t even deserve a personalized message when things doesn’t goes right. This hurts me the most.
Feeling very disappointed with the kind of treatment that I got. Most importantly, feeling very disappointed with him as a friend. As I was taking the bus ride home, I was looking out the window and thinking about the stuff that I’ve done last year. Am I being appreciated for what I’ve done?
Perhaps I should just concentrate on my own projects like BLOG2u. (Which I’m glad to say that I got 2 amazing partners.) And other little projects that I have in mind.
I do know that I have other friends who will support me in my personal projects without even me asking for any assistance. That, in my own opinion, is what a true friend is.


  1. Let it be a time a sifting.
    And those who didn’t pass should be cast into the fire like so much chaff.
    After that, move on. Some people are not worth the effort to retain as friends. 🙂

  2. At least you know where you stand within his sets of priorities. It’s a good experience from my point of view, cos you know your friends better.
    Give him another chance, cos’ he might be good friend material but just sucks as a biz partner. =)
    Dhopes last blog post..Fair discrimination please!!!

  3. Yes, at least now you know there is no return in supporting your friend. You should immediately stop supporting and stop using any of his services.

  4. calm down and move on. dun be upset.
    I also encountered such ppl before too and it was a bitter experience and I let it go.
    Today is a raining day, why dun u treat it as the thunderstorm “clear” the stress inside u and make u free?

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