Return of the bubble tea?

Did you guys notice that there are more and more bubble tea joints lately? Are we looking at the return of bubble tea craze?
The thing is, bubble tea is still very popular in Singapore. The reason why the bubble tea “bubble” bust previously is because there are too many stalls selling bubble tea that time. The supply exceed the demand, causing the stalls to close down one after another. Let’s hope the bubble doesn’t bust this time round.
Hmmm….. maybe I should start my own bubble tea joint. Haha.

On the side note, I’m addicted to Passion Green Tea with pearls lately. Sometimes I drank 2 cup a day. Somebody help me!!!


  1. Adrian: Just ask any of the Bubble Tea store. They should be able to give you the number to rent the machine.
    PS: I’ve removed your tel number.

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