It's not Paddy lah

Need to clear up some misunderstanding here.
The person I was referring to in my previous post isn’t Paddy lah. Wah piang, I even mentioned in that post that I have 2 amazing partners at BLOG2u (And obviously one of them is Paddy). How come still got people thinks that I’m referring to Paddy? Alamak.
Couple of people came and ask me who is that person. Well, I see no point revealing his identity to them. If I want to reveal, then I would have written his name big and clear in the previous entry. But I don’t want to blow things up.
Just want to use my blog to vent my anger and voice my displeasure.


  1. Elanie: Thanks. Not really feeling any better. Hope can get back up soon.
    arzhou: Eh, don’t anyhow say leh. What lomentic?
    Krisandro: Familiar? In what sense?

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