Steve Jobs will address the Apple fanboys

In about 1 hour time, Steve will address the Apple fanboys around the world. Rumors says that he will announce the 3G iPhone, .Mac improvements, MacOS X 10.6 and more.
I was wondering…. what if Steve decides to pull our legs and not announce the 3G iPhone? Haha. Cannot be. I’m waiting. Hope that the new iPhone will be on sale straight away so that I can get Paddy to buy one set for me. Hee hee.
As usual, I will be reading the keynote from home. Going to do the same setup as before.
Here is the links to the sites that are doing live blogging.
MacRumors Live
The Apple Blog
Cool…. Can’t wait.
Oh ya…. expect twitter to crash the moment Steve takes the stage. So forget about twitter.


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