The best beef chili cheese fries

I thought Carl’s Jr was good. But I was wrong. I just found a better beef chili cheese fries.

It’s from Superdog at Vivocity. Not sure if they have other branch in Singapore. I’m not very impressed with their hotdog, but their beef chili cheese fries is great. Too bad the portion is rather small. One might not be enough.


  1. xinyun: Maybe 5 also not enough. Haha.
    arzhou: Yeap. Very small.
    Krisandro: You mean you already knew about this? Wah, got good stuff never intro on your blog. Haha.

  2. Aaron:
    Price: Superdog cheaper
    Taste: Superdog taste better
    Size: Carls Jr bigger
    You should try it yourself to believe it. 🙂

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