iPhone 3G – My excitement, disappointment and more disappointment

I was very excited about the 3G iPhone. It’s like a dream phone to me. The phone I’ve been waiting for all these while. The 2.5G iPhone is already very good, but it just isn’t enough for me without 3G. So I waited patiently for the 3G iPhone. I was even quoted on mypaper as “Apple Fanboy”.
I stayed up that night to watch Steve Jobs keynote, well knowing that the 3G iPhone will be announced that day. I cheered the moment Steve mentioned 3G iPhone. The moment I was waiting for is finally here.
But I thought the iPhone will be released on that day itself. But I was wrong. It will only be released on 11 Jul. That’s another one month of wait. But I guess I’m quite fine with the 1 month wait.
Then come my biggest disappointment. Singapore is not among the first few countries to get the 3G iPhone on 11 Jul. But Australia is getting it on 11 Jul. HELLO, what the heck is Singtel doing? We own Optus, so why is it that Optus is getting iPhone on 11 Jul and we aren’t? Even Hong Kong is getting the iPhone on 11 Jul. Why not us?
And to further add to the insult, Singtel started a webpage to reserve iPhone. But after filling up your particulars, it tells you that iPhone can only be reserved at your local Helloshop. Argh. If that is the case, then why bother giving us a page to fill in our particulars? Why not just ask everyone to go down to Helloshop to reserve a set?
I guess those people cheered for nothing.


  1. And to add further insult to injury, it seems like you’ll have to sign plan wherever you go to get it if not cannot get. I wanna just be able 2 pop into a shop and buy an iPhone. Hope can still do that in the states. Sigh… SIGH!!
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  2. Jerrick: It is expected that we need to sign a plan. I got this feeling that the US$199 is for the most expensive price plans. I hope I’m wrong.
    ckrookie: But you can’t deny the other great features on iPhone like safari browsers, mail and google maps.
    It’s not about being the first to offer it. But it’s about being the first to do it the right way.

  3. I’m definitely getting the new iPhone. Almost bought the current iPhone 2 weeks ago but somehow managed to muster enough strength to walk out from the shop – the dark side can be pretty strong.

  4. My colleague just got the iPhone 3GS from Singtel and according to her, this latest model just makes the whole expierence more enjoyable.
    I’m not a fan of touch screen and iphone, i would rather stick to my Blackberry Bold. To me, its the best PDA around.
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