I was served with a Writ Of Summons

Got an unpleasant surprised when I got home on Monday night and found a paper under my doorstep. A letter from the Subordinate Court with my name on it. For a brief moment, I thought I defame someone on my blog and someone filed a case on me.
Then I discovered that I’m not the only defendant in the case. Together with me is a familiar name, together with SBS. When I saw SBS, I knew that it must be something to do with that car accident that happen more than a year ago. Wah piang, more than 1 year already. I thought it’s already closed after the traffic police findings and insurance claim.
Well, seems like it’s still not quite closure yet.
The car infront of me is now filing to claim for the car damages, car rental while car in workshop, lost of income while on medical leave, medical fees for all 4 passengers and transport to hospital/clinic.
I can understand the part on car damages and car rental. That what people usually claim when such things happen. But the rest of the items are a bit too much.
Let’s see. 2 of the passengers are warded to TTSH and found nothing. They were given painkillers for the stiff neck. The other 2 went to see doctor the next day together and the doctor also found nothing. They were also given painkillers and one day medical leave. (I guess there is nothing the doctor can do for such minor case) Is there a need to see doctor? I also got a minor stiff neck after the accident. But it wasn’t that serious to see a doctor. Oh well, nevermind. Maybe the impact on their car is greater than mine. (Which doesn’t really make sense since my car is the first impact.)
On top of the medical fees was transport to the clinic. The 2 of them went to the same clinic at the same time and each of them are claiming $20 each. You mean they took separate taxi and arrange to meet at the same clinic together?
Lastly, lost of income. I have no comments on this. Let the judge decide ba.
Passing the Writ of Summons to the car insurance company for them to settle. Anyway, the traffic police already concluded that it is the SBS bus driver that causes the accident. I shouldn’t be paying for it. But still, it’s going to cause my insurance company money to engage their lawyer to defend this case. And all these cost will be coming to me as they will surely up the premium for the car insurance in the future. Why do I ganna all these when I’m not at fault?
All thanks to that bus driver.


  1. I once kissed the bumper of a BMW. Kiss only hor. Not even the paint peel off. And I had to pay a total of $2800 for a new bumper because apparently it was needed to be sent for checking for ‘internal damage’ and they found something broke and then the parts need to be imported from japan, total plus the lost of usage + workmanship. So don’t say anything is impossible.
    If i remember correctly, it is not the bus fault if it hit you and caused you to hit another car. It is your car’s fault. So you claim from the bus and the car will claim from you. So any liabilities will come under you. Good luck. I suggest seek legal advice ASAP and calculate the amount that is going to cause you if you lose the case. Then half that amount and try to settle it out of court. Will save you a lot of time and money(if you lose it )

  2. Derrick: The TP already did their findings and confirm it’s the SBS bus driver fault. Can’t blame if I cannot hold the brake hard enough. It’s a double deck bus hitting me. This kind of impact I think leave 1 car distance also no use.
    If I not wrong, under the law, I need to bear a small portion of the damages. But the biggest payout still comes from the last car which causes the accident. Not quite sure, anyway, let the insurance company and their lawyer settle it.

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