PC Show damages

It’s always hard for me to go to PC show without causing any damages to my wallet. I’ve been wanting to get a proper digital camera for the longest time. My Sony Ericsson K800i has been a great digital camera for me. But there are some stuff that the K800i lacks. For a start, K800i is slower at auto focus. It does not have any optical zoom (and the digtial zoom sucks). And most importantly, the video recording is horrible.
I feel that need a real digital camera. Especially when I’m invited to some events and I need to take photos to post on my blog. It’s not very nice for me to always grab photos from other bloggers. So after much research and thinking, I bought the Sony Cybershot T300.

10.1 Megapixels, 5x optical zoom, 3.5 wide screen touch panel LCD, steady shot, face detection etc etc. It’s a great camera. I love the smile shutter where it only snap the photo when someone smile. Cool feature.
Was tempted to buy it a couple of weeks ago when I saw a good deal at a roadshow. But Ms PvP advice me to wait till PC show before I made my purchased. She was right, the deal at PC show is even better.
For $650, I get the Camera, 1 extra battery, camera cleaning kit, tripod and a 4gb Sony Memory Stick Duo. And they even throw in another additional 4gb Lexar Memory Stick Duo if I pay with Cash or Nets. Deal!
I was considering about it because of some bad review online. But I tried it out myself and find the flaws acceptable. Took a photo using it on Sunday during family lunch. Photo looks great.

Photo have been resized so that it won’t take up too much space on my webhost. Looks good huh? (I mean the photo quality, not the food.)
I’m now a proud owner of the Sony T300.


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