Caught lying during interview

I was busy conducting interview yesterday for the Assistant Sales Manager position. The job market must be really good lately. Couple of interviewees didn’t turn up and didn’t bother to email or call to inform me before hand. Sigh, how unprofessional.
But I did managed to interview a couple of people. Some of them are pretty impressive. I think we are going to have a hard time choosing.
There was this guy who was very informal throughout the entire interview process. It’s unique as most people would be rather stiff and nervous during the interview. I don’t have any issue with people who speak in very informal manner. In fact, it would be good if he can do this when meeting clients.
But there is one problem. I caught him lying. It was a simple question and he lied to me. I knew he lied because I know exactly what is going on. So it is impossible for him to have achieved what he claims he did. And I even verified with the person involved to confirm that he was indeed lying.
I didn’t tell him that he is obviously lying. I asked him the question twice to make sure that he didn’t get the question wrongly and I didn’t hear his answer wrongly. I just kept quiet when I found out that he was lying. No point exposing him during the interview. I just let him continue to talk, but deep down inside, I don’t see any need to listen to him anymore. He just made an immediate failure error. And I cut short the interview so that we won’t waste everybody’s time.
How do I employ someone who lied during an interview? There is clearly some problem with the character here. And I don’t want to have any part of it. Too bad if he got an impressive resume or presented himself well during the interview. Character flaws overshadows everything.
Interviewing a couple more people early next week before making final decision. Anyone interested in working for BLOG2u can drop me an email. πŸ™‚


  1. Arzhou: Ya, but it’s not common to be caught.
    decypher: I guess so. It’s a good job with good bosses. What can anyone ask for? hahaha.
    Malique: But we couldn’t afford you.
    Wishbone: Yeap. Quite bad leh.

  2. Pubed: Where got like XX? If I do, I would have said his name and maybe even a snapshot of his resume. πŸ˜›
    Leonard: You interested?
    Dhope: No lah, you are good in your own field
    Aaron: Or maybe both. haha

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