Covering up my emotions

Am in a very very bad mood lately. Lots of things happening which is making me very depressed. Yet I cannot find a place to vent them out. Not even on this blog.
Just feel like staying in bed for the whole day. In the past, I could have done that by applying a couple days of leave. But now, I don’t have the options to do that. Lots of things needs my attention. Lots of meeting need to be attend. Can’t afford to hide myself under the blanket.
And the worst thing is that I need to pretend that everything is alright when things aren’t. Putting up a happy front and covering up the emotions deep inside. It’s tough. But I know I shouldn’t mix work with personal stuff.
Perhaps I should just forget about my personal stuff and concentrate on work. Maybe keeping myself busy at work can help me forget about the personal issues.
Going for an event later. Putting on the happy front again.
Luckily they have beer at the event to help me out.


  1. When things go haywire … it always always go haywire at the wrong time with everything all lump together that makes you breathless and feel like giving up. That is the time to be strong and bite it thru πŸ™‚

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