Respect the service staff

I was queuing up for Popeye Chicken the other day when the lady infront of me got very frustrated with the service staff and started shouting at her.
I think the staff is rather new and seems quite blur. The lady ordered a combo meal which comes with a free biscuit. But she told the staff that she doesn’t want the biscuit. But the staff forgotten about it and placed the biscuit into her take away box. The lady was so pissed off that she started scolding the staff. it was so bad that the manager have to step in and remove the biscuit from the box.
Eeerr….. but excuse me. But it’s just a small biscuit. If the staff forgets your special request, just remind her nicely. There is no need to scold a service staff over such small matters. In fact, there isn’t any need to scold a service staff. If they do anything wrongly, just tell them nicely and they will fix it. They are human afterall. Respect them.
Sigh. Why do some people behave like they are the king/queen just because they are paying customers?


  1. I sincerely believe that service staff tries their best to make customers happy. We encounter bad eggs from time to time, and these are the ones that make us feel upset. But more often than ever, do we appreciate the service that they gave us? Some will take it for granted, but then, like what you said, they are humans too, like us. Respect them and they respect you.
    On our part, a thank you and a smile, will warm their hearts, knowing that their service has made us a happy customer.

  2. let me give you another side of the coin;
    this lady is allergic to peanuts. she had a history of allergic reactions before. some biscuits are manufactured in area where peanuts are present.
    to prevent an allergic reaction, she informed the staff not to put in the biscuit.
    then later she find her information was not processed accordingly. she may have DIED if she had unknowingly eaten her food that had BITS of the biscuit in it.
    now with this information, don’t you think she had a right to be angry?
    – these may not be the facts. just presenting to you what could cause this outburst.
    people gave me dirty looks when I didn’t give up my seat to an older person on the train or bus. it was when i was alighting that they see that i am struggling with my knee/ankle joints that they realised that THEY are wrong to make assumptions of me.
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  3. Then state the reason and tell the person nicely. So being in the right means you can ignore the fact that the other person is a human being with emotions as well?
    No wonder maids put urine or menstrual blood into the soup of some employers sometimes. It’s not hard to imagine…

  4. “Sigh. Why do some people behave like they are the king/queen just because they are paying customers?”
    Do you know there are many non-paying customers behaving like this. 😛

  5. Yongwei: Yeap. There are black sheep on both side. But its easy to deal with bad staff. Just complain to their managers.
    Jawker: I believe foreigners also got bad customers. I’ve seen my fair share during my days as a salesperson.
    Nicole: Totally agree

  6. Xinyun: Ya, I was kinda shocked by the reaction from her. It’s just a biscuit.
    Andystorm: I feel that customers are really always right. Or at least the service staff should always make the customer feel that they are always right. But then, there is still no need to scold the staff. They also doing their work.

  7. Sham: Interesting. I didn’t think of it that way.
    But then, I still feel that there is no need to shout at the staff. Just tell her that she don’t want biscuit and request a new packet. That should solve the whole issue. Personally I think that the service staff deserves better.
    Xizor: urine or menstrual blood into the soup? eeeee…. that is so gross.
    UFC: Yeap. Seen tons of them. Weird, but true.

  8. I not agree with you, imagine you screw up your project, did your boss scold you? Or imagine you are a bank teller or cashier, your balance is $100 less, do you need to compensate that $100 yourself? Yes.. because you didn’t get your job done, and you will be scold. So do the service staff. It is their responsibility to get instructions from the customer and get it done.

  9. I hope the day comes when you are on the receiving end, “not agree”, you will remember what you say here. But if you starting whining… it is not hard to imagine either.
    @dk: Yes. It’s damned gross. One normally get to read these stuff on ST but in the evening Chinese tabloids – like Shin Ming or Wanbao – all the juicy details are in. It’s enough to make one puke.

  10. It’s true that we need to respect servicing staff and I have been doing for years. But what I’ve encounter so far were bad servicing staff attitude, they talk sarcastic stuff even the customer did nothing. I hate for staff for doing that.

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