Kan.sg – A new online community

Bump into this interesting online community recently call Kan.sg. Kan as in “See” in Chinese. Not quite sure exactly how new is it. But I guess it is new to many of you out there.
Kan.sg is a forum with a slight twist. They allow revenue sharing. All you need is to provide your google adsense client id and all thread that you started will have your google adsense advertisement. Cool idea.
Another thing interesting about Kan.sg is the main page where they show the latest post and the number of views (kans). This is a great idea for those who want to go straight into the current hot topic.
Another great service by Kan.sg is the Zo.sg. Zo.sg is a URL redirect service. For those with long blog url, you can use Zo.sg to shorten your URL. But I don’t really need it since my blog URL is rather short already. But I still sign up and register dk.zo.sg. Looks cool huh?
The community is still rather small now. There are only 100 plus members currently. But I see great potential in the forum. So come join us at this great community.
Oh, if you are joining, please put my nick “dk99” as the referrer. If more than 30 people sign up with my nick as referrer, I’ll get a pair of movie tickets. Hee hee


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