Did you guys notice that there are more and more bubble tea joints lately? Are we looking at the return of bubble tea craze?
The thing is, bubble tea is still very popular in Singapore. The reason why the bubble tea “bubble” bust previously is because there are too many stalls selling bubble tea that time. The supply exceed the demand, causing the stalls to close down one after another. Let’s hope the bubble doesn’t bust this time round.
Hmmm….. maybe I should start my own bubble tea joint. Haha.

On the side note, I’m addicted to Passion Green Tea with pearls lately. Sometimes I drank 2 cup a day. Somebody help me!!!

Feeling sad. Felt like being betrayed. Like being back stabbed by someone whom I have been supporting all these while. It hurts a lot. And it’s heart breaking to see this after doing so much without asking for any returns.
At the end of the cold email conversation, I asked myself, why did I bother helping so much in the past? It is not my project. I’m not even appreciated for the things that I’ve done. Why do I bother? Because I believe in the things that he is doing. Because he is my friend.
And all I wish is a friend who can support my own personal project when I needed help. Maybe not the same way I supported his project. But at least some form of support would be nice. But there is none.
But it isn’t the lack of support from him that hurts me the most. What hurts me the most is that even if there is a conflict in interest, the least least that he can do as a friend is to tell me personally. Email me, MSN me, SMS me or give me a call. Even a direct twitter message will be good enough. But I didn’t get any. All I get is the standard template email. As a friend, I don’t even deserve a personalized message when things doesn’t goes right. This hurts me the most.
Feeling very disappointed with the kind of treatment that I got. Most importantly, feeling very disappointed with him as a friend. As I was taking the bus ride home, I was looking out the window and thinking about the stuff that I’ve done last year. Am I being appreciated for what I’ve done?
Perhaps I should just concentrate on my own projects like BLOG2u. (Which I’m glad to say that I got 2 amazing partners.) And other little projects that I have in mind.
I do know that I have other friends who will support me in my personal projects without even me asking for any assistance. That, in my own opinion, is what a true friend is.

Ever since our mail box been upgraded to the anti-junkmail type, we keep getting advertisements at my doorstep. Most try to slide the advertisement under the door. Others find small gap where they can slot the advertisement.
Saw this one day when I return home.

For a moment, I thought someone threw rubbish at my door.
If you don’t respect your own advertisement, why should I even read it? And next time if anyone do this again, I’m going to charge you for making me throw away your rubbish on your behalf.

If you notice, I try my best on to give that patent troll any publicity on my blog. But this article really up make my blood boils.

Mr Ronald Langford, 68, the man behind Singapore-based Vuestar Technologies, maintains that his idea is original and that his company’s claims are valid.
In 2003, the Australian was granted a patent for an invention, which he calls the ‘Method of Locating Web-sites using visual images’.
He claims that websites which use images to link to pages that contain an organisation’s contact information have breached his patent.
In an e-mail interview with The New Paper, Mr Langford claimed he came up with the idea in 2000, before Internet bandwidth allowed for images and other multimedia to be used extensively.
He added that because broadband Internet was still in its infancy at the time, hyperlinking from images to video, audio and other features could not be supported.

Your head understand? Lim Peh have been doing image hyperlinking since 1997. And that was because I learn HTML on that year. There have been other people doing image hyperlinking way before 2000. If you came up with that idea in 2000, then I can rebut your patent claim and patent that myself since I’ve done it 3 years earlier than you.
And to say “Broadband Internet was still in its infancy at the time, hyperlinking from images could not be supported” only shows your lack of knowledge. Internet before 2000 was slow, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any image being used for hyperlinking.
Go read up on your history.