You have been mobilized

My reservist unit was mobilized last Saturday afternoon. It started off with a phone call from the system, follow by announcement on TV and Radio. This isn’t the first time I was being mobilized. It was quite a non-event. I already know what I should do. So I calmly dress up in my long 4, pick up my full battle order and report back to camp.

This time round, instead of taking train, I decided to drive my dad’s car.
While on my way back, I looked around me at everything. Children playing in playground. Students coming home from ECA. Adults heading out for a fun weekend. Senior citizen sitting at void deck chatting with each other.
Everything seems so peaceful. And I’m doing my part to ensure that this place remain peaceful for my family and love ones.

If anyone ask me why I spend 2 1/2 years in National Service, I’ll say it’s for my home that I treasure dearly.


  1. Oh yeah console yourself, since they can ask you back anything and you can’t do anything about it. With or without you, this place will thrive.

  2. Hey DK.. That’s the reason for me too.
    @RK Chicken: Yes, with or without DK, this place will thrive. But without plenty of people with DK’s mentality, sooner or later this place will DIE.

  3. IZ Reoladed: But I wasn’t paid to post this. (Other than the make up pay they going to pay me for reporting back to camp)
    RK Chicken: True, I don’t make much difference. Because it’s never about 1 person. It’s about everyone playing their part together.
    Ignorantsoup: You not ignorant at all. Haha.

  4. Paddy : You don’t dare to claim because you escape tax on your earnings so you sked, don’t think we don’t know what you thinking ar……
    DK : Please lah you talk until majiam like you are chinaman, patriotic si bo?? If really wanna conquer singapore, even if you have 3 million soldier, just nuke you, where you gonna run to? you are clearly brainwashed by the gahment. you are truly a fine example of someone living in a MAKE BELIEVE world.

  5. Monday, I just went back for a manning briefing. The SMS that was supposed to reach us one month before as a reminder, beeped on all our phones on the day itself. Best of all, reminder SMS at 1hr before outpro.

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