Don't just vote for me, vote for my friends too.

The Omy Singapore Blog Award seems like a mini gathering to me. Quite a number of my friends are also in the top 10. Congrats to everyone. Wish you all the best in your category.
Best Youth Blog
Jaymes – Eastcoastlife’s Son. He’s the youth category but he blog like an adult.


Most Entertaining Blog
Eastcoastlife – Super entertaining blog and she never fails to reply to all comments.
Rinaz – I always enjoy reading her blog. Sexeh blogger on a Vespa.
Sheylara – Beauty plus brain with great sense of humor.

Best Blog Design
Veron – Lovely blog design with very well written article.
Jayden – A great designer. He’s in army now. So no time to pull votes.

Best Blog Shop
Ms Loi – She don’t sell joss stick. Neither does she sells Last Minute Buddha Foot Hugging Kung Fu Manual. But she has a great blog.

Best Individual Blog
Chillycraps – My so called “archrival”. Always full of craps. Should throw him into tougher categories like Most Entertaining Blog.

Most Insightful Blog
Simply Jean – Great blog written by 3 beauties. But don’t vote for them. Cause I also in the same category. Vote for me instead. Hahaha. (OK OK, I’m just kidding. Do vote for them too.)

Please help to vote for my friends too when you vote for me. (Or if you are voting for someone else, also can vote for my friends too.)
You can cast your votes here.

Have you voted today?


  1. Thanks for the pimping! hehehe….
    I’m surprised that Jaymes is one of the Top 10 in Best Youth Blog category. Seriously I think his posts is so childish and like school compositions. You think he is mature? or too old for his age. hahaha….
    Did you vote for Jaymes? That’s all I want, don’t vote for me never mind.
    eastcoastlifes last blog post..Looking for Singapore’s Best Female Cheeks!!

  2. Chillycraps: Wah ciao. You really very crappy.
    Eastcoastlife: Of cos got vote for him lah. Also got vote for you too.
    But your category got 3 friends there. So dividing my votes equally. 😀

  3. Thanks DK for voting for my two boses,
    I am voting for you everyday. Although Leslie is also my friends, he lead too much oledi, dont have to support for the time being.
    Congratulations!! Go DK go! Lift your head high lah.

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