DK99 is banned from

Wow. I was banned from That is a new low. Amazing.
Is there a rules that say “Cannot argue with community manager?”
Or am I pushed to the “out group” and the “out group” is banned from
Check this out! dk99 completely removed from
Woo Hoo!


  1. It speaks of how unprofessional are those people in running One thing is for sure, bosses at DO NOT value feedbacks.
    Lets boycott together.

  2. DK : You take things too seriously liao lah. What for go against them? I know you didn’t see this ban coming, I mean of all things, a ban is the last thing we expected. I mean OK! Uzyn wor. How can they be so narrow minded as to ban someone who speak openly about them? I mean did DK lied? DK was telling the truth what just that it isn’t music to the ears of some people, so what happened? Pull the gun lor…its akin to killing the proverbial “Messenger”(of bad news).
    Honestly if you are not using your blog to post this thing, i don’t even think you will get banned. Why are you getting banned? Simply because you are a top blogger in As such your postings are always high up there so the founder or the manager or whoever that pulls the trigger is sked lah……not because their logic wins hor..
    Someone i think was nocturne ar? Or something along that line lah, that guy hor or girl i dont know lah…..he say something like what freedom of speech cannot talk bad about gahment that kind of analogy….I say this to him…WRONG ANALOGY… doesn’t mean if you are the gahment you can ‘KILL’ just because something said and you do not like to hear…It also depends on whether are there any logics in it….This is liken to what the gahment used to detain communist suspect without trial lah…so that guy what…nocturne ar? full of shit lah you…your analogy is used to ‘polish’…far from an accurate representation of this matter.
    Aiya childish people running something, what do you expect from them? Professional attitude? The last thing you should expect lah…I mean DK got lie meh? Was Daphne guilty of everything DK said?? Not guilty meh? So Uzyn hor, beh song…do a whole page of rojak on his own blog…I mean really rojak la…..dont know why he go and touch on how many project he is doing and how busy he is spending more than how many hours at work…I mean all this relevant meh?!!?!?!? chey….trying to play the manipulation tools of guilt har? Sorry lor…you had underestimate the intelligence and emotion of readers liao…
    I mean what is ban? You ban people just because they talk something about you that you do not like to hear? Have you the ability to debunk first or not? Just by banning so eveyrthing sweep under carpet and pretend no such problem exist har? boss, ask yourself this, did DK even lie? Was anything he said not a fact? If infact it was, then why is Daphne not handled? Just because she help you a lot??????? chey…then this is truly a case of favouritism lah….no dignity…no integrity….look down on you for such bias that is so obvious…
    I know la..this noctune guy will surely put a stupid gay post in this blog now that his name is mentioned here….fxxx you lar…you think you what…your blog majiam like shit like that..i mean same color lar….everything so messy majiam like my toilet bowl….you fxxxing gay lor..if you still havent realised…go and suck the xxxx of our PAP now..shoo shoo.
    To the rest…if you wanna stay on in….put on a show la….like krisandro like that…what help blind man lar..what this la..what that la….play humble… good man…hypocrite lah..aiya….we all know krisandro is playing for the screen only..who doesnt know he is one chao ah beng?!!?! WHAHAAHAAAH…ok enough….bye guys, enjoy your ping pong peng pang while we look down on you…hahahaaha

  3. I am suspecting Uzyn up his own pong in that post and push it up so everyone can read his great pretension posting.

  4. what why why? DK kanna banned lah…uzyn beh song…red eye coz his own people kanna hantum ma….your own people kanna hantum indirectly means you kanna hantum lor…what you do? help lah tio bor?
    So what happened? ban dk lor….what to do…Daphne polish apple skill better than DK…so DK out lor…nothing to do with logic or reason hor..purely personal and preference only hor…take note of this hor guys. The name is Uzyn and the person he tried to side is Daphne.
    What do you think of this? Only one word lor…unprofessional lah. Majiam like gina lidat…not happy then don friend you si bo? LOL…Then hor he say DK is unappreciative leh….read it again U N A P P R E C I A T I V E leh!!!! That’s perhaps the BEST of the BEST excuse he can find for banning DK…..what other word he can use? VULGAR? LIAR? MURDERER? Chey lah…unappreciative is you say one hor…I also say you has no dick…does it mean you really have no dick? is run by a bunch of gina and flooded by ginas….i am following DK to be out of it hor…if you still wanna stay there,,,make sure you suck up to them hor and FORCE yourself into the in group hor..if not hor….then fxxx one side and watch them go pizza and KFC outing. They are worse than Nuffnang.

  5. Hey, dont be too affected by it. Since they dont want you, create your own community. You dont need them anyway. take care hor..

  6. This has effectively divided the community. Now there are questions. How can they ban you? Why they ban you? How come? Why never investigate? Why never try to resolve amicable?
    Questions questions questions. You tell me he loved so he pulled the trigger? I say he is silly for pulling it because this has created friction, gangs, groups, all siding their own friends. Talking about management skills. hiak hiak hiak. You only pull a trigger when there is absolute nothing, nothing, nothing else that can be done…..
    Did they do a proper investigation on their own personnel before they ban? If DK is an employee, he can sue until’s pants drop because it can be classified as Wrongful Dismissal. Especially when Daphne that bitch isn’t exactly perfect, with the kind of things she said, this banning can be used as a case to justify what DK said was CORRECT.
    Talking about swinging an axe into your own foot…
    Uyzn> Go take some management course. Learn how to handle people and manage crisis. Sacking/banning isn’t the way to go. It is a sign of the inability to take the stress. Can’t take stress? Don’t setup Go work for somebody else. Leadership is born not made.

  7. I remember some time back, there was a case regarding Otto Fong declared he is a gay on his blog. Though it is not appropriate, the school or MOE did not sack him. Why? The reason is simple. Because if they do, then it can be classified as a case against gay. It’s that simple, not that they want gays but to not be accused of being biased against Gay. So Otto Fong is safe even until today, he is still teaching in Raffles Institution.
    Why has that case related to this DK’s case? Simple.
    DK had called Daphne’s post on her blog trying to divide groups and decide who is in the In group and who is in the Out group. Ok, lets say it is an allegation. Now how does Daphne prove that she is innocent? That is the thing she need to show. If instead of showing what DK said is not true and prove him wrong, you ban him. What tells?
    It only tells the world, someone is trying to prevent someone from say something because it is not beneficial. NOT BENEFITIAL HOR, not that it is a LIE. Since that incident took place, who had thought DK is lying? No. No one. Everything is right there on Daphne’s blog. You can go and read if you don’t believe what DK said. Here >
    Now, by getting rid of DK, they had conspicuously admitted there was some truth in it so they can’t wait to stop the truth from spreading. How so, then what is the reason for banning? You mean i talk about i get banned? You mean i cannot talk about Where? Which part of the agreement suggested that? Since when did we sign up with one of the condition is we canot talk about Hello, this is 2008, not China communist period.
    Uyzn > if you’re reading this, you had disgraced yourself right to the core. Your people management skill suck right to the core. Your crisis management skill suck right to the core.

  8. Everyone should know the reason DK is banned. Are we all at risk if we voice out our opinion that may not be pleasing to
    Everyone deserve to know the reason.

  9. If Daphne was speaking the truth, so was DK.
    What has this got to do with banning? Why can’t a healthy debate go on? What has this got to do with DK’s participation in I hope Uzyn has the courage to come and answer this question here or risk having your boycotted by the communit.

  10. The mathematics is simple.
    DK can’t take Daphne’s truth.
    Daphne can’t take DK’s truth.
    Daphne seek Uzyn help to get rid of him.
    What’s wrong with disagreement? Why does Uyzn has to chap jit kar into this matter? He should stay out of this because this is an issue between DK and Daphne. Uzyn had obviously misused his power because apparent that’s the ONLY power he had over DK, so he wallop it.
    What else can Uzyn do?? Kill DK? Biased….fiaking biased understand.

  11. I agree, Uzyn should not had interfered with this matter, more so using as a weapon.
    This is a personal matter between Daphne and DK since this issue arised from their personal blog. Their involvement with should be overlooked though they’re holding whatever position. I mean it’s their personal blog, they didn’t slander or defame or lie about anything about so why does the owner of has to yield an axe into it? I see this as a clear biased case……A case personal feelings takes precedences over logics.
    Maybe DK’s post was a bit too aggressive but that’s his right to be on his own blog, and maybe Daphne’s attitude was too direct but then that;s also her right on her own blog. So since this is a matter between them on their own blog, what has the bloodie Uzyn got any business in it? More so the operation of
    Why Uzyn go and use and serve DK a sentence? Why why why?
    Unfair. Boycott!

  12. What is the reason they are banning him? You can’t just ban a person like that you know…you have to justify it…just like any sacking or terminating …
    And before you can justify something, there must be investigation into the matter. In this case i agree it is more like a personal disagreement than a corporate one…….then why do they it personally? I wonder why…i hope there are clarification on this matter.

  13. If infact what Uzyn can do was to remove blog post pertaining to those issues so as not to create fiction in
    A ban is not justified. Removal of blog post is more appropriate. Also before you ban someone, you have to give warning. Just like before you sack someone at work, you have to give warning 3 times. So as to be fair to him, to let him know where he had done wrong. Only persistent mistake should warrant a sack.
    If you ban without warning, you are indeed misusing your power. And no matter how you try to justify it, people will see it as personal more than anyhting else.

  14. It’s checkmate for Uzyn man. Haaaa
    If he apologise and remove the banning, cannot coz he too proud to do that.
    If he do nothing also cannot, coz now the entire community is condemning him.
    He cannot move simply. He is dead! LOLzzzz

  15. I’ve been silent for a while, silent for these few months, but i feel that with this ban i ought to say my piece.
    I think it was bound to happen.
    The people in ping who constantly attend outings and are more vocal in the shoutbox, will definitely be more ‘popular’ than those who don’t, and keep in the shadows.
    After all, if you’re in the shadows all the time and you only show yourself once a while, who will remember you? Out of sight, out of mind.
    New members may be intimidated to join the outings, but so what?
    Most of the outings are organized by the more vocal and active people in ping anyway, so i don’t think you should be that surprised to see that being close friends in a clique.
    You voiced your thoughts, while Daphne voiced hers.
    Both have contributed to Ping, but Daphne is the community manager and works directly under Uzyn, his most trusted confidant.
    What do you think would happen?
    Who would win?
    Before this topic goes out of point and i start to go into character assassination, just one last thing to say.
    To ban Dk was like using a sword to cut a string.
    If you want to ban Dk, why not ban Daphne too?
    After all, that’s what the referee did in the commotion of the Spain vs Germany finals. He booked both Captains after giving them a warning.
    And probably after saying this, i should be joining the banned club soon.
    Hello DK~

  16. Quote from ping
    dk99 was banned earlier this morning. The user was banned due to his recent actions of attempting to split up the community by his repeated posting of blogs and forum comments to try to sensationalize a small and settling issue to the extend of attacking the people of of the community, specifically and non-specifically, and the site as a whole.
    The admins of have always been agnostic and respectful about the personal views and the different opinions of bloggers. However, posting of unconstructive comments with the motive of destroying the site or community is strictly not tolerated.
    Moreover, the user was just shown the door for he has self-declared to have given up on the community.
    I would like to further stress that the decision to ban was nothing personal and not due to what the user claimed to be – disagreeing with the community manager nor for difference of opinions.

  17. Dk, why not start your own and expand the that you have with Paddy to offer a better one for the many banned members? I’m sure many will love it there as you already have the ranking adding a digg clone will do as well. Not just for the banned members but also to show that uzyn that kiddo is making a mistake. What a stupid and fake reason.
    Rudesingaporeanss last blog post..Rude voluntary worker in Orchard

  18. wahahahahaha….. dk, so this is to celebrate my ‘’ one year anniversary present ah! Now we two can celebrate it together lor!
    I told you …. you won’t be appreciated, right? Bingo!! Heartache ah!? You deserve it lor, gian phng mah.
    Have backbone…. This is Singapore. We are Singaporeans and they are Malaysians. Why must Singaporeans be led by Malaysians? Some more by one wimpy FT who never do National Service. I pay tax to subsidise such sh*t!
    I haven’t get even with him for what he did. I think it’s time.
    eastcoastlifes last blog post..Pointed Remarks Slung at eastcoastlife – Photohunt

  19. Schaur: Please do not start a nationality/race flaming here. Thanks.
    I don’t delete comments. But if this leads to nationality/race flaming, I’ll be forced to delete it.
    Hope you understand. πŸ™‚

  20. Aplink: I want a gold membership card. Haha.
    Buny: How come you became the messanger?
    ECL: *worship* You can predict things 1 year before hand. So what’s your predictions for next year? Hahaha.

  21. RudeSingaporean : I thought you are Paddy himself? No meh? RudeSingaporean is authored by Paddy what, it is common knowledge, everybody know. Then you ask DK to start a what blog with Paddy? Which is yourself? OMG OMG OMG kelong right up to the core LOL!!!!

  22. Rudesingaporeans: I respect their decision for keeping quiet.
    If anyone want to post under anon, I respect their wishes. And if you notice, there are a lot of anon comments here. I guess everyone is scared of offending the “in group” and ganna banned.

  23. See, even Paddy get into his clone nicks leow. Everybody got into their clone nicks to post their views here. All bo ji don’t dare to go into their normal nicks, scared kanna banned in LOL!!!!!

  24. Jessica: Rudesingaporean isn’t Paddy. Both Paddy and I know him personally. πŸ™‚
    No point for Paddy to use another nick. He already speak up openly on his blog.

  25. Wow…. lots of comments here. Sorry that I can’t reply to everyone here. I really wish I could.
    But thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. Am deeply touched.

  26. “I was the sole designer, coder and investor” the boss of, is clearly telling you that he is the big balls, you must please him lah.
    I remember quite sometime back there is this pingster princess sabrina who was not happy over removing her pongs or her friend’s pong, making alot of hooha and ask pingster to boycott, Was she banned? – No lah. She apologized to Uzyn the balls of, and no ban.
    Alamak, DK must apologize to the Balls lah, then no ban. The balls “the user was just shown the door for he has self-declared to have given up on the community” was so quick to jump on this opportunity.

  27. Just check the IP address lor. Simple as that. No point trying to stir it here just cos I dare to step out and support him.
    Pass me the IP address and we can always do a trace on it.

  28. hey dude. dun be too sad la. this thing do happen.
    i hope things will change for the better (like the good old days) cos it’s quite senseless to make it so bad. after all, i only got to know you thru

  29. Tianhong: Don’t worry. I’m fine. Just came back from a great outing with some of the pingsters. πŸ™‚
    Buny: Attend ping bd? Haha. I don’t even have an account to comment in the forum now. How to RSVP myself?
    Nadnut: I guess it doesn’t really matter. But thanks for your support. Really touched. *hugz*

  30. ECL: You’re funny. πŸ™‚
    Anyhow, I think it best we steer clear of nationality and all that. This isn’t an issue of race nor gender. It’s a case of bad management in my opinion.
    DK: I did not take sides prior to this, but I think you deserve more than an unceremonious dump. While I don’t totally agree with your view, I’ll throw in my lot with you on this issue simply because what was done to you was totally unfair and uncalled for.
    Just a word of encouragement: good blogs will always have their readers, no matter if its part of a community or not. πŸ™‚
    Isaiahs last blog post..Banning DK Just Smacks Of Immaturity

  31. Buny: Why go when I’m not being welcomed?
    Nadnut: 19 meh? I thought now super delayed until don’t know when. Party like not party like that. birthday is on 4 July. If celebrate 1 week before or after, still alright. From the way I see, going to delay up to 1 month.

  32. OMG! I don’t understand all this banning issues. They just make no sense. I see a bit of double standards leh. It’s not like you wrote anything malicious, at least that was how I felt when I read your post. I think this is really uncalled for.
    WokkingMums last blog post..Cheesy Pork Cutlet

  33. The pioneer kena ban by the founder… tsk tsk tsk…
    I joined way back in 2006, probably before most of you. It was The Aggregator back then, no community whatsoever… shoutbox sporadically updated.
    Then DK came along and brought to a higher level, The Community. Things really liven up, shoutbox turn realtime chat… there were gatherings… outings… Maybe I give him too much credit but I remember him as the one running the ground.
    Indeed it is a sad day. A year ago, ECL banned herself, this year DK kena banned. I wonder next year who’s turn will it be.
    PS: I don’t know both founder and pioneer in person. I super low profile one… who never shouted… never attend any outings… just someone who adopted in its early days and saw the ups and downs.

  34. Hi there. I am not an active member of, but I do frequent the site. I feel that your ban is unjust and a work of childishness. If giving your comments and voicing out your stand is not allowed, then I think you will be better off not in this community. If a little freedom of speech is not even allowed in this small community, then should be renamed as
    ravons last blog post..Project GTKY

  35. i condemn the banning.
    but i believe it also stems out from DK’s statement about giving up on the community. He just gave some reasons to ban him.
    I can’t say anymore. I’m tired of seeing this. Things are just getting worse and worse just because of some in-group separation thingy.
    Now see what you’ve done. You’ve divided into DK supporter and Daphne supporter and everyone in between. Thank’s to you I guess.

  36. πŸ™‚ From a professional PR perspective, DK, you seem to have successfully gather highly postive feedback to your cause and alter some perception of that community. I’ve never been a big fan of the particular community, so it probably doesn’t affect me at all but banning you off from it based on a comment is just so – childish.
    Cheer up, pal. It shouldn’t affect you professionally or personally. πŸ™‚
    Priscilla Tans last blog post..I Love Audio Books

  37. The ban will make those who already disagree feel even more alienated I am not surprised if some are already doing some of these:
    1. removing the auto-ping code from their blogs – i.e. stop using ping entirely; and / or
    2. end all community participation – be it chatting or welcoming newbies in shoutbox, contributing ideas or comments in forum, helping newbies with their usual β€˜can’t see my ping’ problems, etc; and / or
    3. participate in community events – e.g. meet ups.
    I’ll rather hang around with FoxTwo more often for lim jiu in the future… and least there isn’t much sorrows downing alcohol… Or meet up more often with Chillycraps for some bitching and crapping over coffee, or with my meis xy and pinklittlefigure for some bitching about their work… πŸ˜€

  38. So have you found the proof that I said ‘Veron slept with Uzyn to get the award’?
    You can post it out if you got it, I’m willing to be punished. Tie me up and have me paraded on the streets.
    People, including you, believe such crap without having proof and then attack me for it. Can I not feel angry and hurt?
    eastcoastlifes last blog post..eastcoastlife BANNED!! Labelled a loser

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