Anniversary Party Sponsors. Where are they now?

As most of you know, I was heavily involved in the planning of the 1st Anniversary Party. it was a fun event. (Minus the flame war that happen after the event) The event was held at Geek Terminal. Like most community events, there are always sponsors.
Here are the list of last year’s sponsors and a sneak peek at where are they now.
Advertlets – Main sponsor for the event. Their company blog, which was in before the party, was banned recently. Reason: Commercial blog.
Bak2u – Co-sponsor for the event. BAK2u also sponsored some products for door gift and managed to convince their partners to sponsor some products as door gift. Their company blog, which was in when it first started, was banned recently too. Reason: Commercial blog.
Chain of Beads – Sponsored some products for door gift. Their company blog, which was in since it first started, was banned couple of weeks after the anniversary party. Reason: Commercial blog.
Eastcoastlife – Sponsored Birthday cake for the party. Her blog, which was in for quite some time, was banned a few days after the party. Reason: Flaming the owner of
I guess that is all the sponsors for the first anniversary party. Did I miss out anyone?
If you notice, all of them have been banned from now. Is there a jinx or something with sponsorship? The sponsors are mainly companies (Except Eastcoastlife which is a different case). They sponsored the event because their business is in sync with and also they support the community. Since the beginning, Uzyn already know their blog is in If there is a restriction on commercial blog, then why aren’t they banned before the party? Why are they only banned after the sponsorship?
Speaking of 过河拆桥, Aplink help secured several advertising deals. One of’s first few advertiser, was brought in by Aplink.
Where is Aplink now? You guessed it correctly. Banned from recently. Reason: Flaming the owner of
Scary huh? All banned from
After all these, I wonder if any company would still dare to work with No wonder still in the red financially.
Special Edition: DK vs “In Group”


  1. I agree with DK on this case.
    As you grow bigger, you need more funds and the line will be blurring.
    How does ping define a commercial blog? Posts that are product-event-centric sound more commercial to me.
    You have to be grateful to your sponsors. Without them, ping will not expand and will be redder.
    Might as well don’t place the advertise with ping tagline.
    Isn’t this commercial?

  2. the(new)mediaslut was banned because the blogger here stood by a friend, APLINK, and became critical of’s actions to ban APLINK.
    Note, that the(new)mediaslut was also critical of APLINK’s follow-up posts of drunkard proportions. APLINK took down the posts a day after.

  3. Guys, I’m a neutral here, but being a businessperson I know why some decisions are taken. is a commercial website. It needs money from advertisers. If they don’t ban Bak2u for example, then they will not get any advertisers because advertisers can advertise for free just like Bak2u did! Why should they pay if they can get free exposure right?
    If I were the owner of, I would do the same. Doesn’t matter if you are active in the website. You still don’t have right to advertise.
    Saw one Bak2u post that got into the Top 10 the other time. And I don’t condone that entry myself. No relevance whatsoever. Purely ad.
    Do you want to see all the Top 10 filled with ads. Think about it!
    As for DK, I think there is a less justified reason. But he started this ‘war’ and has to be banned unfortunately. He reduced the quality of the website for the past few days.

  4. This is a classical example of the separation of church and state i(sales vs editorial) in the publishing industry but the medium now is, or rather the Internet.
    Newspapers, magazines, online publications are also commercial entities. Does that mean vendors have to pay to be mentioned in the publication? If you knew that the article was paid for, would you read it?
    The reason why a post gets into a Top 10 is because the registered member clicked onto it and the posts gets Pong.
    It was only after version that 2 that members can unpong or report the post as an advertorial.
    Based on your example, say Bak2u got a couple of sales leads from being Top 10 in, but I doubt this would be the case. The only way Bak2u can consider advertising if it had revenue to work with to invest in advertising. If being in Top 10 help Bak2u to earn some revenue, wouldn’t then Bak2u see the value in advertising in, either as a banner ad or event sponsor?
    By banning your advertisers, or anybody, without giving a warning is not the way to do it. APLINK was once suspended from but he appealed and he got his blog back.
    In case, when you are banned, you are gone from the community.
    If you are a business person, you wouldn’t want a person to suddenly turn the table and say you are no longer needed for the business after you invested the $$$ right?
    Highwaylife highlighted that is like a highway and this incident is like an accident.
    This blogger would like to extend that analogy.
    The highway is toll free because there are advertisers who put up billboards on along the highway. However, these advertisers are driving heavy vehicles that are clogging up the highway. Do you ban these vehicles from driving on this highway?
    The highway operator, if smart enough, would suggest an alternative route or designate another lane for these heavy vehicles to travel on.
    If you ban these advertisers from using the highway, they would of course take the billboards and put it in another highway!
    the(new)mediasluts last blog post..“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” Sun Tze

  5. DK : I hope you don’t do a Chee Soon Juan here. Don’t be hurt to the point where you think of hurting back those whom you think hurted you. Don’t dig shit into something since you no longer care about something.
    Please walk away and stop starting posts like throwing darts at Not everything must follow your way. Everyone has a mind of their own. Everyone has the ability to perform in their own ways and styles. Just because a style is different from yours doesn’t mean it is god damn WRONG way of doing something.
    I suggest to you, don’t use this method to gain support because you are putting your relationship with people from every corner of on the line. People will hate you. People will dislike you. People will condemn you if are now going to stab all the way until it bleeds to death. Bury the hatchet, move on. If you would like to apologise to anybody, do so now. That is the only route to glory for you now. Forget about whatever that has been said or done, you can revisit those topics 1 million times and you cannot change a thing about it. Disagreements, differences are here to stay, just deal with it and get on.
    Lastly, learn from this. Be wiser. Be more ‘PERFECT’ next time round.

  6. the(new)mediaslut: this is complete a false analogy! let’s say bak2u gets mentioned in the newspaper. it is mentioned because the editor chose to put the article. in this case, of course bak2u doesn’t need to pay.
    in example the post is submitted by bak2u itself. so it’s not the same…unless the owner of decides to mention it (free ad, hence same analogy)
    The highway analogy is simply wrong.
    1. Advertisers pay for billboard hence free road
    2. Advertisers drive heavy vehicle
    Road operator has the option to ban advertisers who drive heavy vehicles and choose others that drive smaller vehicles.
    Get it? All options are with the road owner. If they put billboards in other highway, so be it. As long as the owner can benefit from better traffic.

  7. karma.
    You tried to make me apologised and even at 2 am, you were texting to make me to apologise to his co-habiting girlfriend Wong Sek Ling because she was feeling sad about my remarks. Was that reasonable?
    You know what happened in the shoutbox, right? I was accused of spamming and called names. Well, I have screen shots and photos and names…. with my character you think I’m letting it go!? No way! A legal suit is the best way to go.
    Prove that it was me, they can’t, they will have to pay for slander.
    Uzin took S$200 from my hubby. He promised a mention in but only did so two days before the 1st anniversary awards. He didn’t give him a receipt. He bought the cake from Arzhou who was running an illegal biz baking cakes at home without a license. The cake cost S$150 and another S$50 was to buy some lao hong biscuits. My hubby runs a legal biz frequented by VIPs. I will definitely take up this case myself though my hubby isn’t keen.
    After my post, he and his members cow beh cow bu want to return the money. Every one chip in to pay back sh*t lah…… chey! Where is it? Empty vessels.
    Very interesting event coming up…
    eastcoastlifes last blog post..eastcoastlife shot Member of Parliament kissing in public! – WS #33

  8. Oops, the top part of my post was deleted :
    I flamed Uzin!? Now …now… dk, you know better. I was telling the truth what happened at the drinks session after the awards. How he shouted at us when we were jokingly teasing him about the Best Blog award. NTT and Ridzuan chose to keep mum. You chose to stand with them.
    Search your heart. What did you say about Uzin during the 8 hours at HK Tea House and with keropokman at Fong Seng.
    This is the problem with Singaporeans… for a little sweetness you chose to give up your principles. No backbone, no spirit. Did being in give you lots of money or fame!? Traffic yes… for wat? For that little traffic you sell your soul.
    I prove that I don’t need that piss for my traffic.
    eastcoastlifes last blog post..eastcoastlife shot Member of Parliament kissing in public! – WS #33

  9. eastcoastlife : Why are you so bitter? You’ve lost the game, be a good loser. If people don’t like you, you cannot force it to be otherwise. You can get people to like you only if you can learn how to be nicer to people.
    Search your heart. Are you a nice person? All we need is an iota, do you even have it?

  10. Wow eastcoastlife comes barging in with her legal and VIP mumbo jumbo. To be feared!
    Anyway last time when friends argue, call names, cool down a bit and can friends again. If not just don’t interact anymore. Nowadays, argue a bit, sue here sue there. Really, Singaporeans nowadays no soul, no heart, motherfucking sickos. Sad, sad, sad…
    Aens last blog post..The Miele Guide Website Phase 2

  11. Eastcoastlife you old slut, mother fucker! You think we will believe you? DK has been loyal to ping and UZYN and a great supporter of! He wount say anything bad about UZYN.
    Be a real looser.

  12. dk: Well according to the admin of the site you violated some rules and so he decided to ban you for the interest of the community. I’m sure the decision wasn’t made in haste nor was it as simple as a “you side me I side you” matter. I used to be a super moderator in a huge US forum and I have banned friends too, and we can still chit chat on MSN.
    In army my QM give me 14 days SOL we can still sing Karaoke together.
    Aens last blog post..The Miele Guide Website Phase 2

  13. Aen: What rules did I break? Where is the page that says so? Which line? Or is the rules make up as and when the admin of the site like? All I know is that he posted a question to me on forum, then ban me after that. That’s a punch below the belt. People who don’t know would think that I’m running away and don’t dare to answer his questions.
    Even if I’ve broken the rules, where is the warning email? Did he clarify the matter first? If it is so serious that it doesn’t deserve a warning, then where is the email to inform me that I’ve been banned?
    I know you are working for him. I don’t want to make things difficult for you. If he still got the face to meet me, I’ll always make time to meet him.

  14. yes, certainly should send you an warning email first and inform you of the matter so that you can defend yourself. In your case, it seems that they did not even give u the right to defend yourself. Looks to me that, they really wanted to ban you so badly, using such tactics. I seen the forum, stating the reason you are banned, and its a closed thread.. lol..
    And for the sponsorship, lol, nothing to comment.
    dereks last blog post..Prisoner of love

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