Did they know what they are in for?

After my entry about the “In group”, a large number of bloggers twittered “I’m in. are you?” at the same time.
Daphne even openly declared that everyone’s in.

Anyway, it was a big hullabaloo about just ONE word. I hope it’s clear now.
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Everyone’s in. Are you?

But I find it strange. Is everyone supporting the “In group”? I private twitter one of them asking why she twittered that message. A few hours later, I got this reply from her.

dunno man, Daphne IMed me asking me to tweet it, so i did. that’s it. anyway, nad pinged me about your blog post, so i sorta know now..

Due to my safety reasons, I will not reveal who is she. In case she ganna backslashed by the “In group”. Or worse, banned from ping.sg.
I read the reply with disbelief. You mean Daphne ask you to twitter without telling you what’s the reason behind it. It’s like tricking you to say you support her “In group” without knowing you did. That’s hitting under the belt!!
I know some of them know the full story before they twitter. But how many of them didn’t know the full story behind it before twittering? How many were con into doing it? Did they know what are they in for? They have openly supported the elite “In Group”.
And Daphne claims that everyone’s in. But she didn not mention that Nadnut and foxtwo said that they are out. Cobalt Paladin also said he is out on Daphne’s blog. And a lot of pingsters sat on the fence. Is that “everyone”?
Special Edition: DK vs Ping.sg “In Group”


  1. DK : Please hang a banner and inform readers that all your post from now on are all personal and nothing more. You’re showing us that you’re grinding your last few axes before they expired.

  2. At the time when I twittered “No, I’m not in… I’m out”, I have no idea what it was referring to. Since I had no clue, therefore I’m not part of those who DID twitter “I’m in, are you?”.
    It was only later when this thing blew up bigger that I realised what the “in” was referring to. Even so, that didn’t change anything since I’m technically not “in” since I haven’t been active anywhere lately.
    FoxTwos last blog post..I Am Saddened By Recent Events In Ping.sg

  3. many people who didn’t know what was going on thought the “in” means “trendy”, “forefront” that kind of “in”.
    Anyway, those who knew what was going on and still said “in”, they weren’t helping the situation at all. I’ll refrain from using the word “shame”.
    chillycrapss last blog post..picnic at haw par villa

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