DK not insightful enough for awards.

Update: After reading the comments from everyone and relooking at this entry, I agree that I really crossed the line for this entry. It was indeed a punch below the belt. I’m sorry to everyone affected by this entry. Please accept my apologies.
I will not cover up my mistake. This is really a childish post. I will leave it here for everyone to read to see my foolishness when I was angry. I am only human. I make mistakes too. I’m sorry. If you are angry with this entry, you have every rights to flame me.
The finalist for the awards was released before I was banned from the community.
I don’t know about everyone, but it wasn’t a surprise to me when I didn’t see my blog in finalist list. Perhaps I wasn’t good enough to be in the finalist for awards.
But I was in the top 10 finalist for Omy Singapore Blog Award 2008 – Most insightful blog category. A panel of judges from omy’s editorial team selected my blog out of the 122 nominees.
I was the winner of award 2007 Most Insightful Post award and Best Citizen Journalism Post award.
I was also nominated in 5 out of 9 category in the award 2007.
But looks like I wasn’t good enough for the awards 2008. Or was I?
The initial list of nomination is handled by the community manager, whom I have arguments with. From what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong), only the post category is open for the organising committee to vote. The blog category wasn’t. How was it selected then?
So is my blog really not insightful enough for awards? Or is it because I didn’t apple polish the community manager? You be the judge.
We will never find out the real truth……
Special Edition: DK vs “In Group”


  1. Actually it is possible to find out “the real truth” why you weren’t in the finalist list.
    Regardless of your previous accolades/what the omy team thinks of you, the truth is, erm, actually, no one nominated you. 🙁 Everyone who attended the meeting and saw the list of nominations can testify to that.
    So there was no way you could have made it into the finalist list.
    Wendys last blog post..Is a "pong" a stamp of approval?

  2. I can confirm what Wendy said. You were not nominated at all. Not once in any category.
    I totally don’t agree with your banning. But all the posts today just shows how immature you are in handling it. You could have walked off with your head held high but you choose to continue blogging to have ‘the last laugh/say’ and in my personal opinion. You self pwned.
    I really hope you can keep to your word that your normal blogging will resume and you’ll move on.
    krisandros last blog Blog Awards II – Vote For The Most Deserving!

  3. DK, you should change your title…let me give you a few suggestions.
    How I wish, how I wish I was not banned.
    How I wish, how I wish I was nominated.
    How I wish, how I wish I was the manager of
    How I wish, how I wish I did not offend Daphne.
    How I wish, how I wish I am the owner of
    How I wish, how I wish I can turn back to clock.
    How I wish, how I wish I have more support.
    How I wish, how I am not that emotional.

  4. Ridz: Yes, you are right. This is indeed a childish move. I’m sorry.
    Wendy: Thank you for coming out and telling me this. I’m wrong to post this entry. Please accept my apologises.
    Krisandro: I’m sorry about this post. I really crossed the line. Being angry is no excuse for this kind of post. I’m sorry. Yes, as promised, I will stop posting about this from tomorrow onwards.
    Sivon: Yes, I should really relook at myself after this. I’m sorry for this post.

  5. DK wrote to Krisandro : Yes, as promised, I will stop posting about this from tomorrow onwards.
    HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA you still have 6 hours, no wonder I am still seeing the posts coming! HAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH

  6. krisandro : You think what? ban ban and unban unban for fun meh? If you want to ban somone, make sure you have a bloodie good reason if you want to unban later on.
    Banning someone is not like open door or close door ok. This is not for fun ok. You don’t ban people for fun right? Or ban people to stop people from speaking right? You made your decision to ban and die by it. Unless DK appeal or the entire community signed a petition.
    Tell Uzyn, forget it. Don’t bother to unban since it will make the banning look stupid and of course he will look stupid too.

  7. Not about ego here but you stand by every decision made, simple as that. Even if you made a mistake, you unban it, you cannot recover the mistake made. You cannot. It is a mistake. If you change decisions like change your underwear, omg, people is going to see you as a kiddo man. Die by your decision, nothing can turn back the clock, nothing is the same ever. Even if DK removes everything from his blog, even if Uzyn apologise 1 million times, even if he promise not to ban DK ever, the damage has been done. It can not be undone. Certainly not by an unban.

  8. Krisandro the chao ah beng trying to play Mr Nice guy again. Those who read Krisandro’s blog know he is one helluva Nice Guy Wannabe. Every post he aims at scoring some points via virtues. He is playing up on the screen, beware of this guy. The mood he showed thus far is fake. His real character is cleverly hidden. As you can see in this thread, he can’t wait to accept apology and unban, what hypocrisy Kris.

  9. kaka: I agree that the damage is done and nothing can reverse that…and I don’t think an unban will change anything.
    But if indeed uzyn finds that he made an error of judgment, then dk should be unbanned and be given an apology. To not do that is akin to saying that society should forget about saying sorry for anything because “sorry” doesn’t change anything.
    The truth is, it doesn’t change anything, but we’re all human and it’s only civil that we try accept the mistakes of others and when we make mistakes, we do what we can to atone for it.
    It’s important to stand by one’s decisions but it’s also important to note that sometimes, we all make bad decisions(of course we realise it’s a bad one only later).
    just my 2 cents…

  10. Ridz : Haha any human in that situation would be too proud to call it an error. Infact i don’t it is an error, how can it be an error? You mean WOW it suddenly becomes an error because DK apologise? Haaa….I don’t know you but there is no logic in that arguement.
    This is liken to you sacking an employee, whether right or wrongly. For some reason, lets take it as he say sorry to you suddenly, you have the face to ask him to come back? Even if you have the face, i don’t think people will see it as a SUPERHERO act. It is just plain silly x 2 because it will make your BAN look more lagi silly in the first place. Leave things as it is will look better. If DK really want to go back he can request for it, but without him requesting you want Uzyn to hang a logo “DK we welcome you back”. Bloodie hell, it will make lower Uzyn’s dignity and integrity man. No way any man in the right mind would do that. Maybe you will lah..i dont know..hahahaaha

  11. I agree, this decision cannot go back. If you overturn this ban decision, next time when Uzyn bans somebody, there will be a case. Every ban case will seek to be overturned. There should not be any overturn, not for an apology, not for any ordinary reasons except a fxxxing fxxxing good reason such as someone hacked into DK’s blog and post that entry etc etc.
    Even if Uzyn had made the decision on the spur of the moment, he should not retreat now. If he retreat, nobody will take you seriously in the future.

  12. Let’s hope everyone can move on from all this. Hopefully this will be the last “war” in Ping, however unlikely that is, haha. This has been way too much drama (even for me).
    Many things were handled badly (your posts, the banning), but in the end, I believe it was done for a similar purpose; the sake of a better community.

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