First argument. DK vs Uzyn & Daphne

Many people knows that there a lot of arguments between Daphne and me. But not many people knows that the first argument started way back in July 2007.
It was a few days after the first anniversary party. There was a huge argument between some members. There was huge tension within the community. So some members decided to meet up over dinner to chill out and relax. We had some dinner and proceed to Blue Jazz Cafe for a drink.
I can’t remember exactly all the attendees. All I can remember was Nicole, Hendri, Sylv, UFC, Arzhou and Daph. Rinaz was there for dinner but left early. (Pls forgive me if I missed out your name for that gathering)
During the beer session, we chatted about the recent happening in and how it can be prevented. I mentioned that we need a moderator system where selected members can help remove offending entries. I said that I told Uzyn about this and he agreed that we need to have a moderator module, but it was delayed because Uzyn was busy.
Someone suggested that pingsters can help develop the module since we have quite a few programmers. I said that it might not be possible because I feel that Uzyn, like most programmers, will be protective on his codes and might not be so comfortable to open it up for others to help code.
It was a good discussion with several other interesting point being discussed. But I didn’t expect it to cause the first major argument between Uzyn and me.
That night, for no reason, Uzyn MSN me and said that he is very disappointed with me. That he always trusted me and even wanted me to be the moderator for in the future. He said he is disappointed with the things that I did and I’m destroying the whole site.
I was confused. Everything happen out of nowhere. I don’t even know what is he talking about. What did I do to disappoint him. And he was going on and on about how disappointed he is without telling me the cause. I asked him what happen and all he said was “You know what you did”. But seriously, I don’t know.
It was only after countless of questioning and a heated argument when I finally discovered that it was because the things I said over beer was mis-quoted by Daphne.
Daphne told Uzyn that I said he was purposely delaying the moderation module. And that I wanted to keep to himself and refuse to let go.
I was shocked when I hear that. How did my words get misquoted so badly? My only explanation was that Daphne was very new to the community at that time and doesn’t know what is going on. In fact, if I remember correctly, she joined less than 1 month only.
But I was very pissed off with Uzyn that time. When Daphne told him something that was so unlike my character, instead of checking out the facts first, he came over and confronted me straight. He believes everything she said. Despite all the things that I’ve done for the community during that time. He rather listen to someone who is in the community for less than 1 month than open his eyes to see what I’ve been doing.
I was so pissed off that night that I wanted to quit It was a very tense period with flame war between 2 other pingsters. And Daphne’s comment didn’t help at all. I posted a blog entry titled “Backstabbed” and said that I’ll stop blogging for a while. Deep inside, I wanted to quit for good.
Then Sekling spoke to me convinced me to stay on. I removed that entry from my blog and asked Uzyn to delete it from I later replaced it with another blog entry to down play the issue.
What does this whole incident tell us?
Uzyn trust Daphne a lot. So much that he was guided toward the wrong direction without knowning.
Daphne is hyper sensitive and misquote people.
No matter what you have done to the community, you still might be wrongly accused of trying to destroy the whole site.
It’s been almost a year already. Some things doesn’t change.
Special Edition: DK vs “In Group”


  1. This post will be proof that what you had done was personal. Enough said. When the problem showed up, you should had get them out and talk over it, and resolve any misunderstanding there and then.
    Now after 1 year you are suddenly in the mood so you go on a shooting spree and created this hoo haa.
    Now we get the better picture. There is a clearly lack of communication for any misunderstanding from the start. And those feelings had ripen and you were using what Daphne said as a ‘weapon’ to get even.

  2. What a crybaby.
    Dont drag me into your shit! I don’t like drama and I don’t want to be named under your dramatic post. I am not an attention whore like you. I don’t remember I talked to you and convinced you to stay on in It must be my biggest mistake ever if I have asked you to stay on as you have stirred up so much shit to us and to the community. You ungrateful bastard.
    I really don’t know why you still stay in since you have been so unhappy about it along the way. Again, you stated how much you have done for under your and uzyn didnt appreciate your effort by banning your COMMERCIAL BLOG. I commented you should not support “your friend” anymore since there is no return and there would not not be any return. Imagine one day is more established and all the pingsters like you keep telling the world how much effort and time they have put in and want returns from it. Thinking of it is really scary. You have gained so much traffic from, still not enough? Can you imagine who you are today without
    So what if uzyn wants to keep to himself? All night coding, all the debugging on his ownself and not forgetting the money he forked out for ping. There is no way he should share with you. You do not deserve it anyway, loser!

  3. i’m not sure why u feel that u shd have gained something (position, material wealth, reward?) out of for ur contributions. i suppose u have your reasons. i’ve been working with uzyn for the last 1 year n i still don’t think i deserve anything out of it, except the friends i have made.
    i also hope that u realise that my friendship with uzyn goes way back before even existed. we first knew each other in 2001.
    so please move on. doesn’t reflect quite well for someone of ur importance to continue harping on an issue and to dig up histories of aeons ago. (i thought only women did that?) cheers.
    Daphne Maias last blog post..Protected: And this is how i feel

  4. It;s your words against hers. Who knows what was really said that. Forget it DK. Your attempt to bring back any old duel is not going to cut it here because it should had been dealt with if you were unhappy then. You can’t just choose a time and expect people to remember everything that was said then especially it was so long ago.
    You have clearly lost a game if it was political. You cannot stop Uzyn from trusting somebody. You can only make Uzyn trust you more. If you can’t make Uzyn to trust you more, then it became Daphne’s fault eh? I think not!!
    You’re showing us you are quite petty over something very small, even something happens long long time ago, you can also bring it up one day. You should get incidents sorted whenever there are doubts. And if it isnt sorted to your satisfactory, you are always free to walk away and turn your back on them. It’s a fair game.

  5. I suggest this post is deleted or closed for comment. You are going to rub everyone the wrong way with what you said. Every comments are turning nasty and this can be bad for everybody. Please do something.

  6. ok la let me draw up the whole scenario.
    Imagine a guy U
    2 ladies D1 and D2 likes U
    But U trust D1 more and then D2 got jealous.
    D2 say D1 only appear in his life for 1 month, how come you likes her more.
    D1 says she knows U for 7 years!!!!!!!!!
    Ok now D2 is shouting ungrateful to U.
    U is calling D2 unappreciative.
    U expect D2 to expect lesser in return.
    D2 is holding on to the relationship as she can’t bear to let go.
    In a change of events, she starts revealing all dirty secrets of U. Since cannot win U’s heart, then destroy him right, don’t let D1 win.
    U = Uzyn
    D1 = Daphne
    D2 = DK

  7. OMG man, DK’s traffic today can reach all time high man!!! Can even surpass Xiaxue’s traffic man!!!

  8. DK : Now Sek Ling has accuse you of lying wor. So do you remember when and where did Sek Ling talk to you about asking you to stay on? Are you able to provide chat log for it (if it is online).
    Now I wonder who is the one lying wor…

  9. Mia: I won’t hide the fact that I have several arguments with Daphne in the past. But even if my close friend tries to split the community into 2, I would also step in and stop the person.
    Sekling: I only state the truth. There is nothing I can do if you denies it. Yes, Uzyn have every rights to keep to himself. I never deny that.
    I wrote this because Uzyn rather listen to Daphne than let me explain myself.

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