My last post on the DK vs “In Group” issue

Its been an long day for me.
It’s heart breaking to see the community that I spend so much time in split into 2 camps. It’s even more depressing that I was being banned from a site that I’ve been actively involved in. By a friend whom I’ve been supporting over the years without asking for any returns.
Whatever I’ve done in my initial blog entry, even if I was really breaking up the community like what they accused me of doing, I shouldn’t be banned without a warning. Even if I should be banned, there should be an email informing me of the banning and the reasons behind. I didn’t receive any email to tell me the reason behind my banning. That why I came up with my own conclusion out of anger. It was until after lots of complains by other pingsters did Uzyn wrote an official statement on my banning. It was posted on the forum, which I was banned from. I still didn’t receive any email from regarding my banning.
This made me very angry and disappointed. That’s why I wrote a series of blog entries last night out of anger. I only slept at 9am today.
I admit I crossed the line several times today. Some punches were thrown below the belt. But all along I never resort into calling names online. I know some of them from the other side have been calling me names on their blogs, comments, twitter and pluck. But I will not scoop to that level and return any fancy names.
I was reading back and I admit that I shouldn’t have said some stuff. Being angry is no excuse for those childish post. I keep saying about others in the past, but when I land myself in the same situation, I couldn’t control myself and practice self restrain. Now I fully understand their reaction when they were being banned.
But I still stand by the things that I’ve said in the beginning. I still believe that the whole “In Group” comment is not good for the community. I still feel that it will split the community into 2. That why I voiced out my views, hoping that will do something about it to prevent an elite group from forming. Some of you said that the method I use is wrong. I admit it might not be the best method, but end of the day, I still have the community at heart. I’m doing it to prevent the community from breaking apart.
At one point of time, I was asking myself, why am I doing all these? Why risk damaging my reputation? Why land yourself in their blacklist book? After all, I’m running a business related to blogs. I’m running for Omy blog awards now. I’m negotiating a blogging assignment with a company. Why put myself into such risk?
Why risk my company being backslashed by the community? Why risk being drop from the Omy Blog award? Why risk being rejected by the company?
Cause I don’t wish to see this community split into 2 camps. Many of you might disagree with me that a simple personal blog entry by Daphne will do so much damage. But I’m seeing the whole issue from the other side of the fence. I saw the cracks forming with my very own eyes. With regulars telling me that they have given up on the community. I can’t sit there and let everything collapse.
My approach may not be the best. I could have handled this issue better. I should have practice more self restrain. I’m sorry that I didn’t. The emotions was too great for me to control. I admit I really lost it. I’m sorry to the people I’ve hurt. I know some of you might not accept my apologies. I respect your decision.
End of the day, I still wish the community will return to it’s former glory.
You may or may not believe what I’ve said. I’ve already put forward my personal views on everything in this blog. You have every rights to form your own judgement. If you don’t agree with me, then please at least allow us to agree to disagree.
That’s all I want to say about this issue. I’ve already said a lot today. I’ll stop blogging about this issue from now on as promise earlier today. I will be reading your comments and blog entries. I’ll reply if there is a need to clarify anything. Else, I’ll rest my case.
As for the banning issue, if Uzyn unbans me, I’ll return back to the community and continue to give him the full support that I’ve given him in the past. If he feels that I should remain banned because of the things that I’ve done, then I wish him and his team all the best for their future endeavors.
Written on 6 July 2008, 6:45pm.


  1. Anger can make us a full out of ourselves. I have been angry before and did childish acts that hurt others and myself.
    This could have happened because of mis-quote or out of context or whatever it is called. Despite the best efforts to be remedied, things got worse and out of hand. There are people who will be very happy to rub salt into the wounds during this time because it’s now transparent.
    Life goes on and people are allowed to have their own opinions while some like to force it down the throat of others even if no one agrees with them. Since you know how you feel, you have learnt how to handle such things better in future.
    Let’s have World Peace.

  2. Wishbone : Are you writing a piece for United Nation?
    DK : You are tooooooooooooooooo attached to something that doesn’t belong to you. With your passion, you should start your own blog aggregator. Why work for someone else? Start something for the people who are supporting you and from there, you can see WHO are those people.
    If i go to SIA and tell them i see SIA breaking apart in front of my eyes and i want to prevent it, they probably will give me the response ” Ler siao ah??!! What has it got to do with you?”

  3. Paddy: Thx.
    Paced: You have my words. Sorry if my post affected you. Can see that you care a lot for the community like I do.
    Ruddy: I think wishbone was right. Don’t be mean to her. Let’s move on.

  4. Hi, I have been thinking on what I’m going to comment on your blog, after reading your blog these few days. Although, I’m not so sure what is going on. (i shall not poke in too much)
    But I hope everything for you will be all right. Well, what is done is done.Like you say in the comments, “Let’s move on.” =)
    Wish you all the best. =D
    HuiHuiakaTaras last blog post..My Gaming Cells for MORPG is Gone

  5. you finally came to your senses. after my silly attempts to tell you to calm down and all, i now feel stupid.
    and i gotta say i can’t respect you anymore.
    But even with that, let’s all move on.

  6. i thinks daphne is letting uzyn shag her or he wants to shag her. thats probably why hes so protective to her and only wants to listen to her.
    at the end of the day. hes a hot blooded male and given a choice between bro or hoe its gonna be hoe all the way.

  7. jollypanda, don’t say anything when you don’t understand. both uzyn and daphne are happily attached to their own girlfriend/boyfriend. uzyn has sekling and generally community knows it. daphne’s relationship status is not something i should talk about without asking for her permission but she is surely not attached romantically with uzyn.

  8. dk, just wanted to let you know that I respect you for having the courage to air your thoughts on this.
    I am disappointed in uzyn’s decision to ban you, simply because you were trying to give feedback on the state of ping’s community. It’s sad to see the ones who try to make a difference get thrown down.
    don’t let this get you down for too long, and good luck on your blogging career.

  9. sylv, seriously just because both persons are already involved in a relationship be it a happy or not doesnt necessarily mean that will not have involvement outside. affairs are a common practice these days and most men and women can be involved in some sort of affair be physical, emotional or internet at one point or another.

  10. Great post and I really respect you for this. It seems that you’re the more mature one, willing to admit your mistakes (like writing things in a fit of anger, childish posts etc), and I genuinely feel your passion for In fact, I think’s fortunate to have such members who feel so strongly about the community.
    But it does seem that no other action is taken, and all we can do is to wait and see how things go. Let’s hope that things get settled and cracks can be somewhat mended, though I think this war is the worst one since I joined Ping.

  11. Hey, I haven’t really been following the entire episode (and I don’t intend to). But at times, I think emotion does run high for everybody. It is good that we do self-reflect at times (that’s what you are doing in this post, I gather?)
    Well, happy blogging dude. Cuz blogging is suppose to be fun.

  12. Nothing from that uzyn right? See lah see lah, offer to come back also not willing to unban. Shows only ONE thing, sibei howlian eh malaysian.

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