My reply to "The Reason Behind dk99's Ban"

Since I’ve been banned from and the forum entry was locked, I’ll use my blog to reply to his accusations.
Before I do that, perhaps Uzyn should learn a lesson that the Malaysian government learnt during their last election. Censorship doesn’t work in the internet age. You can’t censor my personal views.
dk99 was banned earlier this morning.
What is’s procedure when banning people? Is there any warning given? Is there any email to inform the user that he/she has been banned? I’ve told Uzyn several times before that he need to give warning before banning people/reseting pongs. Sabrina’s case was a classic example when he reset her pong without warning, only to find that it was a misunderstanding. I guess he just doesn’t learn from mistake.
The user was banned due to his recent actions of attempting to split up the community by his repeated posting of blogs and forum comments to try to sensationalize a small and settling issue to the extend of attacking the people of of the community, specifically and non-specifically, and the site as a whole.
Was my action trying to split up the community? Or was I trying to stop the community manager from splitting up the community?
Did I sensationalize the whole issue? Somebody change the tagline to “ – The Community Meta Blog for In-People in Singapore”. Is that considering sensationalizing too? Should that person be banned? Wait… that is Uzyn. Can we ban Uzyn too?
The admins of have always been agnostic and respectful about the personal views and the different opinions of bloggers. However, posting of unconstructive comments with the motive of destroying the site or community is strictly not tolerated.
Does really respect personal view? So why wasn’t my person views respected? Double standards?
Are my comments unconstructive? I’m telling Paced to take a step back as it is useless to talk further. Was that considered unconstructive? You mean “i’m going to watch my DVDs” is constructive? Again, another double standards.
Motive of destroying the community? Why would I destroy something that I spend so much time and effort in? I’m preventing it from being destroyed by your community manager who is trying to build a elite group in Open your eyes and look.
Moreover, the user was just shown the door for he has self-declared to have given up on the community.
Given up on the community mean must ban? Wow. What kind of logic is that?
I would like to further stress that the decision to ban was nothing personal and not due to what the user claimed to be – disagreeing with the community manager nor for difference of opinions.
Oh really? Who believes you?
I think the community are old enough to decide for themselves if I’m lying. If I’m not stating the fact, would anyone listen to me? If I’m not stating the fact, then why didn’t anyone rebut the things I’ve said? If I’m not stating the fact, would I be a threat to your community manager?
Everyone knows my contribution to the community. Why do I want to split the whole community into 2? Why do I want to destroy something that we build together? Have you ever asked yourself that question?
The ban came to me as a surprise. I never expect Uzyn to scoop to this low. Ask me a question on forum, then ban me without giving me a chance to reply.
When I posted my last entry, it was intended to be my last entry on this issue. But since you banned me, I’ll be writing more entries today. Check out the schedule for the remaining entries planned for today. I stayed up whole night just to blog all these.
Special Edition: DK vs “In Group”


  1. the banning of APLINK was without warning – admittedly first i was advised my clients blog was banned – then when i protested – other community members advised me i was banned completely, no warning, no notification – and once again the community manager voiced there opinions of APLINK to other bloggers in the network – not a good thing to do, when their role should be to create harmony and community within ping – as these comments always get back.
    APLINKs last blog post..APLINK – itsReal runs past 100,000 hits – itsReal

  2. Perhaps, its time to start another aggregator.
    Too bad my programming skills aren’t that good enough. But I can sponsor webspace and other necessary backend stuffs.
    I’ve been watching this whole debacle only recently. Its quite sad. The administrators should have a hands-off approach to the community. Censorship/self-censorship doesn’t work in this day and age.
    Communities thrive on spontaneity. Too much regulation, and guess what, it doesn’t feel like the Internet anymore.
    To build a vibrant community, one needs to be able to accept criticism, instead of trying to hide it or attack the critic. Not a very good PR move for I must add.
    DCs last blog post..Malaysia Deserves Better

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