Advertisement – Meet DK (Banned Edition)

Do you still remember the Advertisement that was started by The Young Businessman? It was a great idea. Quite a number of pingsters joined in and did their advertisement for It was the peak of
But unknown to some, the 1st advertisement that TYB did was using my face on table avatar. He showed me the advertisement and ask if I’m ok with him using my avatar. I rejected him. Not because I don’t want to contribute my avatar for the advertisement. But I was afraid that people might feel there is an elitism going on here. But I did counter suggest to him that he can actually use his on photo for the advertisement and get other pingsters to do something similar. The result was great.
Come to think of it, I should have agreed to let TYB to use my face on table avatar back then. Then I’ll create my own “In Group” and be the leader of the gang. But I didn’t because I don’t believe in forming the elite group.
Well, since I’m banned, perhaps I should update the advertisement.

You can find my original advertisement here.
Nice right? The photo fits the tagline nicely.

Meet DK.
He just got Banned.
Have you?

Special Edition: DK vs “In Group”


  1. Yea! I could still remember that time when I asked you if I could use your avatar as the advertisement. I also could still remember that someone commented that the picture was like “cheap porn”! LOL..
    Now as I come to think of it.. was it really worth the while to produce such entries to promote the community?
    But it was definitely fun to start the advertisement project together with you! 😀
    Criss last blog post..Can Smoking Help Businesses Grow?

  2. Alien: Bone not flexible for Yoga. I guess I’ll stick to breathing exercise. 🙂
    Cris: Thanks for suggesting that great idea. Really had a lot of fun doing it. It was also great to see the rest of the community coming together to do this project. 🙂

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