Sorry, I crossed the line

I’m at my Sister’s house now, celebrating my nephew’s 5th birthday. Got a call from a close friend regarding one of the entries that I wrote. He said I crossed the line.
I relook at that post and agreed with my friend and everyone that commeted there that I indeed crossed the line in that post. I was really very very angry last night regarding the ban. That why I wrote several blog entries to voice my happiness.
But I do agree with everyone that my post on “DK not insightful enough for awards” was too much and crossed the line. Being angry is no excuse to post such defaming entry. I’m sorry for that entry. Sorry to Uzyn, Daphne and everyone in for that entry. I’m ashame that I wrote that entry last night when I was angry.
I’m really sorry for that childish post. Please accept my apologies.
But I still stand by the remaining article that I wrote. And yes, as promised, I will stop blogging about this issue after today. You have my words.
Last but not least, I want to say again that I’m sorry for that entry. Sorry.

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