Special Edition: DK vs Ping.sg "In Group"

We interrupt the usual weekend blog entries to bring you coverage on the DK vs Ping.sg “In Group” saga.
Below are the blog entries planned for the day and their schedule released time today.
Note: All timing are in Singapore time (GMT+8)
1100am: My reply to “The Reason Behind dk99’s Ban” – My reply to the locked forum entry.
1200pm: Anniversary Party Sponsors. Where are they now? – A look the sponsors of Ping.sg 1st anniversary party and where are they now.
0100pm: Why DK stop organising gatherings? – Why DK stop organising gathering after the Christmas Gathering?
0200pm: Ping.sg Advertisement – Meet DK (Banned Edition) – A short advertisement break by our sponsors.
0300pm: DK not insightful enough for ping.sg awards. – An insightful look into why DK wasn’t in ping.sg awards.
0400pm: Did they know what they are in for? – The truth behind the “I’m in. Are you?” twitter message.
0500pm: First argument. DK vs Uzyn & Daphne – Did you know that it happen almost a year ago?
My last post on the DK vs Ping.sg “In Group” issue – My last post on this issue.
**All entries are scheduled to released at the stated timing.**
To get reminder service, subscribe to DK’s twitter.
We have also installed comment subscription plugin after receiving countless request for it.
Please excuse me while I voice my unhappiness over the whole issue. I will resume normal blogging from Monday, 7 Jul 2008. No further comments on Ping.sg “In Group” will be posted after today. Thank you for your understanding.
If you don’t like to read about this whole issue, please avoid my blog for today. Thanks.
Special Edition: DK vs Ping.sg “In Group”


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