Why DK stop organising gatherings?

Not sure if anyone notice. But I stopped organising gathering lately. The last gathering that I organised was for the Christmas celebration. (If I remember correctly) That is more than 1/2 year already.
Why did I stop organising gathering? Is it because I’m lazy to organise gathering? Or was I too busy?
Nope. I stop organising gathering because I was hurt by the words written by Daphne in the Ping.sg newsletter.

It’s time to rejoice, for the joyous festive season is here again! With the various and numerous celebrations with family and friends, let’s not forget our very own Ping.sg community’s official and not-so-official gatherings!

The official gathering was referring to the ping.sg T-shirt launch event. The not-so-official gathering is the christmas gathering that I was organising for the community.
I was so pissed by the statement. What does she means by “not-so-official”. Why is there a need to classify gathering in this manner? Both gathering is for the community.
I confronted Daphne and demand an explanation. Her explanation was that gathering organised by Ping.sg company is considered official gathering. Gathering organised by members themselves is considered not official. I had a huge argument with her over this classifications. I’m also doing my part for the community. Why is there a need to differentiate the two gathering so clearly? Is she trying to show that she is the official person to organise gathering?
The argument was so bad that she have to drag Uzyn in to help settle the whole issue. But the damage was already done.
I never bring this issue up on my blog because I don’t want the community to break into 2 camps, Ping.sg company and members. I kept quiet. But I slowly stop organising my “not-so-official” gathering.
But I guess it would be nice to let everyone knows what happen in the background. Just in case anyone wants to organise a “not-so-official” gathering.
Special Edition: DK vs Ping.sg “In Group”


  1. seems like you are a sensitive person here DK. Stop posting this kind of blog entries once and for all.
    the problem is not with all the statements you mentioned. The problem is with YOU!

    Who’s not sensitive? I don’t c there’s any diff of sensitivity btw Daph’s posts and DK’s posts.
    Most of the things cited have reasons backing up.

  3. DK : You are clearly too sensitive on this issue. Not sure if you’re suffering from any condition but you’re exhibiting a poor self esteem and inferiority. You are reading too much into what people say which is causing you all the hurt and disappointments. You are living in your own world so to speak.
    By organising events, by doing something for ping.sg, you had seen yourself to be some kind of superstar and you demand respect for whatever you are thinking of yourself to be. In actual fact, you wanna organise, organise, you do not wanna organise, dont organise. Ping.sg belongs to Uzyn. If you go to Microsoft website and organise some outing, then you expect Microsoft to include you as their partner for official outing meh? impossible right.
    While you keep asking people to consider your feelings, you never consider the feelings of the founder and those people who are so called ‘officially’ voted in or appointed as key members of some area in ping.sg.
    Yes you cared, but where you are wrong is you are acting like a cry baby, demanding more respect, demanding more this demanding more that. But frankly all i can tell you is, respect is earned, not given. If all you can earn is so much, so be it. Daphne or whoever it was , did not tried to put you down, it’s just that they have their agenda and their interest to take care of. They can do everything to fit you right? You are not the only important person in ping.sg and you should realise you are just a nobody in ping.sg even if you organise events all the time, even if your post are ponged right up to the top all the time. You are just another person in the community, whether you like it or not. Ping.sg will continue to thrive and survive without you, even if you think otherwise. Uzyn’s ban you because he wanted to prove this point to you, that you are a nobody, no matter how high you think of yourself as, that even without you, Ping.sg will continue to operate, as good as ever. No one is bigger than ping.sg. If you think you are, out you go and we will show you how little are you actually.

  4. Aiyo. Now that I’ve read this post, I really think you may have been overthinking the official/unofficial issue too much. Far too much.
    Ping T-shirt launch of course is official lah! Your gathering of course wasn’t… isn’t that kinda obvious?
    E.g. The pizza outing wasn’t official, but the 2nd anniversary party is official…
    From how I see it (which may be inaccurate since I can only infer from your post; I wasn’t there when it happened), there wasn’t any intention of a split or divide etc.
    Maybe you should dissect peoples’ words a LITTLE lesser. Give them the benefit of the doubt. 🙂
    I think you do want the best for the community as you say, but your actions are doing the contrary.
    Wendys last blog post..Is a "pong" a stamp of approval?

  5. Wendy : It’s clear DK is now the one that is unable to take the brutal truth. There is nothing wrong in calling a spade a spade. If your outing is not official, then it is not official, even if you or the organiser or the entire community can pretend it to be official, the point is IT IS UNOFFICIAL. Unofficial by definition means it is not represented by the people running ping.sg.
    By right I should suggest this to Uzyn : You should start stopping people from organising events from ping.sg forum or the shoutbox. If they wanna organise, they should start it elsewhere. A lot of forum do not allow this simply because there are people like DK who has the intention to “think” of anything he organised as a presentation of PING.SG and that if anything goes wrong in that event such as a loss of life or dealing of drugs or anything illegal, the police will come look for the owners of PING.SG. This is to protect yourself and the community so no one can can abuse it. DK should not read too much into what i said because I am not saying this to prevent him from organising anything.
    DK is behaving far too sensitive. He has to learn how to respect certain appointments, if he do not agree, he has the right to walk away. But if you walk away and then bitch about it, then it is just so….bad loser. If you want power, fight it to the top. If you do not have the ability to reach the top, then respect those people who had reached the top. If you are not in control, if you are not in power, you don’t make decisions. You don’t decide anything. You dont CRY for attention or acknowledgement or respect. Be a man. Be a good loser. Walk away and leave things are. Don’t stir things up just because you think people are trying to make things difficult for you. They are not. No one is malicious as far I can see in this thing. Everyone is trying to protect their own interest. Uzyn is trying to protect the thing he created. Daphne is trying to protect the community from the scope of her appointment. She is holding the appointment, let her decide what style she wants to use to handle the community from the capacity of it. If you really really want her position, apply for it to Uzyn. If you really really think you can do a better job, talk to Uzyn, ask for a chance to make a differerence. Remember it is ASK hor, not threaten, not force, not cry for it hor. Be an adult. Handle views of people like an adult. Disagree or agree like an adult. Acknowledge the fact that nothing in this world MUST follow your way and you CANNOT make everything to operate your way just because you think it is the right way.
    I hope you close this chapter and move on. Like someone had mentioned, if you really really want to be in ping.sg, APPEAL to Uzyn and seek to have your banning revoked but then the concession that comes with condition hor. You must promise and if possible swear that you will NOT intefere in anything that is NOT without your capacity any more in the future and you will NOT disrupt any appointed members of ping.sg from trying to perform his/her duty. The ball is yours. Do the right thing and you will regain the respect you had in the community, take one more step wrong, and you sure to be condemn forever by the community.

  6. agree! in my opinion, DK is thinking that he’s some kind of ‘superstar’ in ping.sg. he thinks he is sort of moral gatekeeper or something.
    indirectly he’s thinking that he’s part of the ‘in people’

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