1. maybe an ant lost its way in the hairy bushes, and try to leave marks, so that it know it went pass that track b4. foot for tot..

  2. Ridz: My house very clean 1 leh. 😛
    NTT: What type of stuff? *act blur* hahaha….
    Xizor: A bit small for vampire leh. Or is it a vampire mini? 😛
    Jacelyn: Yeap yeap. Very strange.

  3. shan: That must be a clever ant. haha
    Paddy: Can’t be ba.
    Rinko: Nope, doesn’t itch at all. 🙂
    Xinyun: If that happen, I’ll go find you. 😛
    Mintea: Why wanna stamp me?

  4. WishBoNe: But I never chased away any Mynah.
    Buny: Lovebite? But who? Why she never stay until I wake up? hahahahaha
    Tran: Don’t scare me.
    Jeslyn: Where is the other leg?

  5. Did you feel sick after that bite mark? My son has something very similar on his back. Did you ever figure out what bit you?

  6. Faith10: No, I didn’t fall sick. Either it’s a different thing or I’m more immune to it. Hope your son is alright now.
    I’ve no idea what is it.

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