Do you want to win?

“What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?”
Do you ask yourself this question before you buy a product, especially an IT product? I do. I always imagine/dream/fantasize of how I would use the product and how my life will be different. It’s an important question to ask yourself before buying any IT products. That’s why HP is asking me to ask my readers that question.
Will you be an artist?
Will you be an musician?
Or will you be police officer in the Minority Report?
Let me what will your life be if you have the HP TouchSmart? Post your ideas here.
The most creative/ innovative/ productive/ interesting comment will get to not just touch, but own the HP TouchSmart IQ500. Yes, HP is giving away the new HP TouchSmart IQ500 to the best commenter so that he/she can fulfill his/her dream. I kid you not.
And if the best idea is selected from my blog, I will also get to touch the HP TouchSmart IQ500. But not touch your prize. HP will give me another set so that I can touch it everyday and use it to write more blog entries here. Isn’t that nice?
Do you want to touch? Do you want to win?

I do!!! Yeah…. Oh yeah!
So please post your ideas NOW!
Contest closing date is 00:00 12 July 2008. Only Singapore based readers are entitled to take part in this competition. If you not based in Singapore, you still got time to buy an air ticket and come over now! (I kidding, I kidding)
May the best comment win.
Check out the HP TouchSmart website for more information.


  1. Eastcoastlife: HP ask me to help give away. In fact, if you win, I also win 1 for myself.
    So come come. Post your ideas now. I’m sure you have very interesting idea. 😀

  2. When I have the HP TouchSmart, I will be able to save tons on space on my desk. Nothing is more enjoyable to be able to work on a desk that has enough space with computers just right in front of you. I have an idea of hanging this beauty on my wall and voila, it will act as a LCD TV too. And it is very tempting to be able to move and work on things by just touching the screen. Doom day is near for keyboard and mouse.

  3. With HP TouchSmart, the experience of my customers at Pitstop Board Games Cafe will be redefined!
    I can take pictures for my customers and they can easily view and edit their photos with HP touch technology before printing it out on hp photo printer and pasting it on the cafe’s walls or bringing it home.
    With the integrated WLAN, the photos taken at the cafe can be uploaded to Flickr for them to share with friends, remembering the fun times they had with board games.
    Digital entertainment is easily within reach of a touch. Imagine the delight and joy of my customers as they easily pick a nice tune to go with their birthday celebrations at the cafe.
    And lets not forget the built in web cam. Won’t it be cool if i can also check out the happenings at the cafe and interact with my customers no matter where i am?
    HP TouchSmart let me be in Touch with my customers. With HP, even businesses can be personal again!
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