My election promises to voters

I can’t promise you lift upgrading. Neither can I promise you GST offset package.
I can’t promise you tax rebate. Neither can I promise you that I’ll remove ERP.
I can’t promise you lower public transport fare. Neither can I promise you lower COE.
In fact, I can’t promise you much if you vote for me.
But if you vote for me in the Omy Singapore Blog Award 2008 – Most Insightful Blog Category, I will promise you that I will continue to blog about interesting topic. I will write my comments on the latest government policies. I will write about the unfairness of the society. I will cover stories that the mainstream media won’t cover.
But come to think of it, I’ll also do that even if you don’t vote for me.
OK, let’s be truthful, I really have nothing that I can promise to you if you vote for me. You might be wondering what kind of stupid campaign is this.
But WAIT. I didn’t promise you anything because I don’t think I need to do anything special to win your vote. I’ll continue to do what I do best, that is blogging here. If you like what I’ve written over the years, click here and vote for me. 🙂
Oh ya, you might get a chance to win travel packages to Bangkok, Vietnam and a luxurious resort accommodation package in Phuket if you vote. No promise that you will win. But at least got a chance.


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