Localising an inspirational idea

After being bombarded by the online community, the producer of the NDP video, Ms Gloria Chee, finally step out and explain to all Singaporeans.

She said she was simply localising an inspirational idea.
She saw the 1 1/2-minute Japanese video online a few years ago, and it left a deep impression on her.
Said Ms Chee, a freelance producer: ‘I liked their message that parents shouldn’t censor the ideas of kids. I wanted to localise that inspiring video and share it with parents here. It’s a remake of that idea.
‘I never thought of it as copying. It’s like how Jack Neo’s movie ‘Home Run’ is a remake of the Iranian movie ‘Children of Heaven’.’
The 35-year-old said she was commissioned by the NDP organisers to produce this year’s videos.
She produced the three-minute video in under three days in May. Ms Chee said her friends, relatives and the NDP committee also knew that she had adapted the idea from the Japanese ad.
Said Ms Chee: ‘I didn’t do it with the idea that no one will know. From the production house to my friends and my parents, I never tried to hide the fact that my video is a remake of the Japanese video.

I have nothing against localising an inspirational idea. There is nothing wrong with that. But the problem is, why is it that some of the scene are almost the same? (Refer to Screenshot 1, 2, 5, 6) Localising an idea is alright. Copying the way someone film an idea isn’t. Surely there are 1001 ways to film the exact same idea. Why are the scene so identical? Can’t you present it in a different manner?
End of the day, I think it’s the importance of the MTV. This is not just any MTV. This is our National Day Parade Theme Song MTV. If you want to localise an inspirational idea, we are fine with that. But do not copy the presentation manner too. That just doesn’t seems right for something so important.


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