I caught a bug

I caught a bug couple of nights ago. To a programmer, catching a bug is a common thing. But the thing is, I’m not doing any programming lately.
In fact, I really caught a bug. I mean a real bug.

I was at my computer when this little bug decided to pay a visit to my room. And it seems to be ultra active and kept flying around. I have no choice but to catch it with an empty box sitting on my table.
Wanted to keep it initially. But I don’t know what does it eat. So I guess the best way is to set it free. So I set it free outside my house.
Anyone got any idea what bug is this? I keep seeing them but don’t know what kind of bug is this.


  1. Nicole: They are pretty easy to catch.
    Chillycraps: I CATCH them then THROW them out of the house. Is this considered debugging? Haha.
    weekee: Dogs basically like to play with anything that moves. I used to have a dog and he always help me catch cockcroaches.

  2. it’s a common beetle. Usually it feeds on plants but it’s best not to keep it. May contain some bacteria…

  3. The not so scientific name for this kind of bug is called “pi ku”
    I have seen some really huge ones, the largest that I seen was the length of my thumb, and when it flies, it will anyhow collide into walls, making a noisy “piak piak” sound.
    There was once i even stepped onto 1 barefooted , its shell was too hard and it did not die.
    Iriss last blog post..iPhone Updates: Prologue and Mdot

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