iPhone 3G in Singapore

Singapore didn’t get the iPhone 3G on 11 July. But that didn’t stop some Singaporeans from buying oversea. In fact, that guy sitting next to me in office got the new iPhone 3G from Hong Kong already. Damn expensive!
It may not be the first iPhone 3G in Singapore. But it is surely one of the first few in town.

Managed to touch/play/molest/camwhore with the iPhone 3G for a while. Look pretty much like the iPhone Gen 1. The only major physical difference is the backside. (This sound so wrong) I didn’t managed to try surfing online with 3G. Plugged in my Mobile Broadband SIM card but have problem configuring it. Will try to configure it again next time. GPS works as promise. Love the feature where you can just go to google map and press the locate button. Pretty accurate.
I also browsed thru the Apps store briefly. Didn’t download any free apps yet. But some of the programs looks cool. This is going to be the killer. It’s hard for other handphone makers to get so many developers writing programs for their phone.
The only problem is that this thingy here is a battery sucker. But I guess still enough for 1 day usage.
I want the iPhone 3G!!!!! But its very very expensive now. Argh. So near yet so far.


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