Phishing emails that made me laugh

Got this interesting email on my Singnet mailbox. (Which I seldom use nowadays as it is flooded with spam)

Attention SingNet Subscriber/mailbox holders,
We will be ugrading our mail Security Server for our Subscribers due to the rate of identity informations problems being encountered by our mailbox holders. We discovered that our Subscribers have been receiving phishing emails form unknown personnel’s asking them to verify their e-mail account. And due to all these, we are upgrading our Digital mail Security Server to stop such emails from coming into your mailbox.
In order to ensure your mailbox is upgraded, Please you must reply to this email providing us your email account details so that we can carry out this services on your mailbox too.
Confirm your email account details details here.
Enter your SingNet email address here (***************) and password here (**************) Note that we request your username and password for Identification purpose and also to enable us upgrade your mailbox easily. you will be sent a new confirmation/alphanumerical password shortly so that it will only be valid during this period and can be changed after this process.
SingNet Technical Support – System Information Department.

The first paragraph looks real. For a moment, I really thought that it is indeed from Singnet. Then I saw the next 2 paragraph. Hmmmm…..
Funny, 1st paragraph, they warning users about phishing emails that ask for user email account and password. 3rd paragraph, they asking users for their email account and password. Contradiction leh.
Anyway, confirm phishing email. Cause nobody will ask you to send your password over email. So don’t bother replying to such email.


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