A day in DK’s life – 30 Jul 2008

9am: Woke up, did some work at home.
10am: Leave home for office. Listening to DJ Tiesto podcast on my iPod Touch.
11am: Reach office. Had a long talk with our Assistant Sales Manager.
1230pm: Follow up on some emails.
130pm: Lunch with Simon, BAK2u Sales Manager. Discovered that there is a stall near office that sells great chicken rice. But queue very long.
200pm: Continue to work. Johnson, BAK2u Regional Sales Manager, bought some snacks for everyone. Great stuff. Must find out where he get them from.
500pm: Meeting client at Bugis Junction TCC. Always enjoyed such relaxed meeting at cafe. Makes it easier to discuss business. People tend to buy more when they are relaxed. (Kidding kidding!) Everything went well. Except they need the proposal urgently. Need to work late since I won’t be free for the next day.
630pm: Meeting over. Went back to office to meet Paddy. Finally get to see him. He is super busy with BAK2u stuff lately. You know lah, the *cough*iPhone3G*cough* is coming and they need to welcome it’s arrival to Singapore. Managed to update him some stuff before rushing down for an event.
700pm: Reached Gotham Penthouse for the Toshiba and Martini Festival joint event. It’s always nice to meet the folks from Kaiiten. They are always fun to work with. It’s a great event. I’m supposed to hop over to the TDM google event. But was held up at this event. Drank 5 glasses of Lime Martini. Great stuff.
1000pm: Went over to Glutton Square to meet the TDM guys and those who attended the event. Food was so-so. But company was great. Sad that I couldn’t make it for the event. But luckily for me, there is a live blogging for the event.
1145pm: Went home to take my dad’s car. Need to go help run some errant. Went NTU with Jean to join poor Alice who is still hard at work.
1230am: Reach NTU. Printing, sorting and arranging stuff for Friday’s event.
200am: Everything done. Send the 2 ladies home.
300am: Reached home. Shower, check email.
330am: Prepare proposal for the client that I’ve met earlier. Trying to keep myself awake.
430am: Proposal done. Email to Client. Do some small admin stuff.
445am: Writing this blog entry. Will be going to bed soon. Later need to wake up at 7am. I have no idea how am I going to get up. This is going to be a challenge.


  1. You MUST improve your english if you want to be a top blogger.
    Woke up
    Leave home
    Reach office
    I wonder how can anyone write that without knowing what’s wrong with the grammer.

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