Yahoo! oneSearch and oneConnect

Continue my Super Duper Whooper delayed posting.
After the LG performance, we hope over to the Yahoo! booth at CommunicAsia. It is hard to miss Yahoo! booth. There is a big sign that says “Reinventing the mobile internet”

And from the 2 services that they are showcasing, they really seems like inventing the mobile internet.
Yahoo! oneSearch is a mobile search engine which allows you to use voice instead of typing. All you need is to say the things that you are searching for and bingo, everything is there for you. The voice recognition software is pretty impressive.
I don’t know about others, but I still feel weird talking to a machine. The search is pretty impressive. I think I still prefer to type my question instead of saying them out.
Then we check out the upcoming Yahoo! oneConnect. Yahoo! oneConnect seems complicated. It allows you to communicate with your friends regardless which social network they are in. Be it facebook, friendster, twitter or linkedln, you can view their status and communicate with them from one source, Yahoo! oneConnect.

Not launched yet. But I guess it will be launched soon. Will talk more about it when it is out.
Yahoo! gave us a very nice looking lanyards that wrote “Yahoo! VIP”. This made all the invited bloggers stand out from the others who are wearing the boring blue CommunicAsia lanyards. I bet a lot of people are staring at us when we walk around CommunicAsia.

Yahoo! gave us a small bag filled with door gift. There is a laptop bag, a nice writing pad, a pen, some press release (No soft copies!) and a very interesting (and senseless) button that sings “Yahooooo…” when you press it. Haha.

My nephew loves it. But my sis beg me not to give him. Else there will be no peace in her house.
Many thanks to Yahoo! for the invite. Thanks to Fleishman Hillard and Gavin Foo for hosting us. And thanks to Sabrina for inviting me. So sorry about the super duper whooper delayed post.

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