Tech65 recording

It’s a weekend where the whole crew is busy. Even Daniel who managed to do the recording have to rush off to another place at 1pm. It’s hard to have a podcast show with just 1 person talking. So Daniel invited Nicole, Hisham and me along to guest host.
It’s a day where the guest host outnumbered the actual host. Wahahaha.
I think Murphy also came for the recording. We encountered lots of problems during recording.

  • Geek Terminal’s internet was down for maintenance.
  • Nicole’s laptop couldn’t connect to my laptop to share my mobile broadband access.
  • Some *MINOR* accident (Go to 25:15 to find out what happen).
  • A noisy group of customer at the next table. Luckily Daniel know them.
  • Insufficient memory on the recorder. We have to switch to using my laptop for recording.
  • Geek Terminal singer doing sound test. (YES, Geek Terminal is going to have a live band soon!)
  • We have to switch from the professional recording unit to my laptop halfway thru the show. This is a good time for you to hear the difference between a good recorder and a bad recorder. Checkout the switch at around 16:10.
    OK, hope you enjoyed the podcast. You can listen to the podcast here. But I subscribe to the podcast so that it will auto sync to my iPod Touch.
    Had lots of fun doing the recording. Still waiting for the Techbabe episode. 😀


    1. halo Jeremy Hadidjojo darrylkang Srsly,!
      虽 好 吃 不 由 你 你 们 定 夺 。 你 们 不 诚 实 见 证 人 , 又 说 谎 话 。 作 假 见 证 人 , 吐 出 谎 言 。
      咒 诅 就 临 到 你 们 身 上 。

    2. Hi Jeremy Hadidjojo darrylkang Srsly,!!
      Yu Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.
      He who keeps watch over his mouth and his tongue keeps his soul from troubles.

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