HP TouchSmart PC Blogger’s Night

Another Super Duper Wooper Delayed Post. In fact, I should post this first before posting the contest. Turns out it’s the other way round. Wahahaha. Oh, Congrats to Rinaz and Jurlique for winning the HP TouchSmart
Anyway, I was invited to the Blogger sneak preview of the HP TouchSmart PC at Brotzeit. Brotzeit is a great place to hold blogger events like this. They have Paulaner beer and great pork knuckles. So when Melvin send me the invite, I accepted it without thinking twice. Oh, and not forgetting great company from fellow bloggers and a sneak preview of a great product. Hee hee.
I reached the place pretty early. Had to wait outside while the guys prepare the place for the evening. (Which includes covering all HP TouchSmart with a cloth so that we can’t play with it while waiting for the presentation) The bloggers slowly arrive and we started chatting and networking while waiting for the event to start.

The event started with a short presentation of the HP TouchSmart and how HP intend to revolutionize the way people use PC. We were also shown some HP TouchSmart advertisement. I think the advertisement is brilliant. Check it out.

After the presentation, the bloggers get to really touch the HP TouchSmart PC. Woohoo!. It is fun using touch on the screen itself to control the PC. The HP TouchSmart reminds me of my iMac, except it runs Windows Vista and can touch the screen. HP has a customised program called TouchSmart Home which has programs like photo album, calendar, music and video player, post-it pad, web browser etc etc. I personally think that the touch feature works better on the customised program than Vista. (For the obvious reason) The design is good. I like the idea that the slim keyboard sliding below the Screen when not in use.

And throughout the night, the term “iMac killer” can be heard from the conversations between bloggers. Can it kill the iMac? We shall see about that.
Thanks to HP and Waggener Edstrom for the great event. Thanks to Melvin for the invite.

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