A day in DK’s life – 6 Aug 2008

9am: Drag myself out of bed. Still feeling very tired after a long day.
10am: Preparing to go to office. Today is one of those rare days when you see me in formal attire. Tie included. Took me a couple of minutes to put on the tie. Need more practice.
11am: Reached office. Was told that the meeting at 11am will be postponed till the next day. OK, do my own work then.
1230pm: Lunch with Simon. Or rather I eat, he smoke and drink coffee.
130pm: Met up with Kenley to prepare for the presentation later. This is going to be a big client. That why I need to dress up.
230pm: Left office for client’s office. It’s nearby our office but will be expensive to take taxi. So we opt for MRT. Hate traveling during off peak hours. You need to wait up till 7 minutes for a train and it’s always fully packed.
3pm: Reached client’s office on time. Waited for her at the office lobby. She will be late.
330pm: Meeting begins. Finally.
5pm: Meeting over. It was a great meeting. Lots of things to follow up. Feeling brain dead. Took a short break while clearing some email.
6pm: Jio one of my ex-colleague for coffee since her office is nearby.
7pm: Dinner with Kelvin Quee. He showed me his latest project. Great stuff.
930pm: Went butter factory to meet some partners for a drink. It’s always fun hanging out with them. They got some pass that entitled them freeflow drinks. WOOT! Think I’ve been drinking quite a lot lately. Surprised to bump into Nicolas and Daniel there too.
12am: Drinking session turns into be some business discussion. Well, that’s what you get for mixing work with pleasure. It’s a fruitful discussion. See things from a different direction. Need to do more planning for next stage.
1245am: Left butter factory since everyone needs to work the next day. Feeling a bit hungry but nobody interested in supper.
1am: Went to the McDonalds near my house to buy some McWings. Goes well with that bottle of hoegaarden beer in my fridge. Sinful way to end the day.


  1. yeah it was a surprise catching you and Paddy at Butter Factory!
    I left early too… getting a bit too old for noisy music. I prefer jazz, really. ><

  2. Leonard: Haha… I sure ganna disqualified for that contest 1 lah. 😛
    Nic & Daniel: Did you buy toto today? You 2 damn lucky. This is one of those rare days when paddy go club. Haha.
    Paddy: Hungry how to sleep? 😛

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