SMRT: Guess what time was this picture taken 2

Let’s play this game again. Guess what time was this picture taken.

This picture was taken at City Hall MRT station. The train station is super duper crowded. Can you guess what time was this picture taken? No, it’s not during peak hours. Here is a picture of the other side.

See the clock? It’s 420pm in the afternoon. But the MRT station is so crowded, you thought it is peak hours. World class transport. Sigh. When will they increase the train frequency and stop packing us like sardine in the train?


  1. You know I usually meet you guys over dinner time, which is also within the peak hours time-zone. Guess what? I’m always on the deck waiting, sometimes for a full 6 mins before the train comes. I wonder what has happen to the “increased frequency” of trains they announced.
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