Why they stop releasing doves during Olympic opening ceremony?

Do you remember that they used to release doves during the Olympic opening ceremony as a symbol of peace? If you notice, they stop doing practicing this for the past few Olympic. Have you ever wondered why they stop releasing doves?
Skip to 4:45 for the answer.

Besides, who cares about peace nowadays? They are supposed to cease fire during Olympic. Yet we see war between Georgia and Russia now. Sigh.


  1. Because during the Athen Olympic Opening Ceremony, a few doves sat at the rim of the Cauldron, after they got released, and got BBQed when the Cauldron was lit. This got the Animals Rights Activists angry and they petitioned IOC to get releasing of doves banned.

  2. Hisham: BBQ Dove? Hmmm….
    Mike: I thought they stop after the Korea Olympics. Didn’t know they use doves in the Athen Olympic. πŸ™‚
    Jacelyn: Yeap. Poor things.

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