Some good things in life comes free

Beginning to love freeware and open source more and more. There are so many good software out there that are free of charge. Some of them are much better than those software. Like Firefox, google earth, eclipse, open office etc etc.
Excuse me if I missed out any good stuff that are free. There are just too many for me to list out.
Then there are also wonderful content online that are free. Stuff like article, blogs, podcast and videocast.
Recently, I found an amazing podcast channel by DJ Tiësto. It is updated every week. And it’s not just sample song. Its a full session that lasted almost 1 hour.
In case you don’t know, I’m a great fan of Tiësto. Got a couple of his CD with me. (Original one hor!) Some of them can be quite expensive. I think I got a 2-cd set that cost me around $50. Am glad I found this podcast channel.

It’s amazing that some good things in life actually comes free.
Oh, by the way, In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia is out in the stores now. It’s not free. But worth buying. Feel like buying it. Tiësto is one of the best DJ around. Don’t believe me? Check out podcast 62 and 63 which is a sample of the In Search of Sunrise series.


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