Intel Centrino 2 – A new era in mobile computing

Another super duper whooper delayed post. Paiseh.
When Intel announced the first Centrino, it was like the beginning of the golden age of mobile computing. I still remember reading on magazine about what the Centrino platform is about. I was amazed about it. Using a combination of mainboard, chipset and wifi card, the Centrino promise better performance and longer battery life.
I was fortunate to be invited to the Launch of Intel Centrino 2 couple of weeks ago. I didn’t know it was a Centrino 2 launch initially. The invite says Launch of Intel Montevina. Me, being super disconnected from the IT world, didn’t know that Montevina is Centrino 2. I thought it’s a new Intel chip for laptop. I didn’t know that I was invited to witness the launch of a new era in mobile computing. Intel Centrino 2.
The launch of Centrino 2 is indeed the launch of a new era, just like the launch of Centrino. I shall not go into the details of the Centrino 2 specs since I doubt you will understand. Actually, I also don’t really understand. Wahahaha. OK, for the layman like us, the new Centrino 2 means better performance and better battery efficiency. We were shown a short demo of the resource consumption difference between Centrino and Centrino 2 while playing a video.

The difference is impressive.
While the current Centrino 2 laptops are using WIFI chips, the future Centrino 2 laptops will be having WIMAX chip. WOOHOO! This means that all the laptop makers will surely put a WIMAX chip on their laptop. And since most laptop will have WIMAX chip, more and more cities will implement WIMAX network.

Intel invited several major laptop makers to showcase their new Centrino 2 laptop. So many laptops, so little time. I didn’t managed to play with all the laptop. Blame myself for spending too much time on the Lenovo Thinkpad. Can’t blame me, I’m a Thinkpad fanboy too. Haha. Luckily there is another session in the evening at Geek Terminal where bloggers gets more time to play with the new laptops.
With the launch of the new Centrino 2, we will be expecting to see the major laptop makers releasing their new laptop with Centrino 2 platform. I was invited to 2 laptop launch events recently. Will blog more about it later.
Special thanks to Intel & Ogilvy for the great event. Thanks to Brian & Tania for the invite.


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