WIMAX in Singapore

Another super duper whooper delayed post.
Do you know that there is WIMAX in Singapore already? I didn’t know that until the Intel Centrino 2 Launch. We actually have WIMAX in Singapore already. It’s operated by Qmax, which is under Qala, Creative. But the thing is, the WIMAX is only for Singapore Strait. It is more targeted for maritime companies.
But we are fortunate experience the WIMAX at the Intel Centrino 2 Launch event. Since the WIMAX is covering the sea, they rented a yacht for this demo. WOOHOO! Cool huh? And we bloggers did what bloggers do best on the yacht, camwhore and blogging.

Overall, the internet speed is fast. We didn’t have a chance to travel far from land to test the distance. But I’m sure we are out of range for WIFI already.
We don’t know how fast it will be when more and more people start using the WIMAX. Let’s hope it will maintain at this speed when WIMAX start covering our island.
Special thanks to Qmax, Intel & Ogilvy for the great event. Thanks to Brian & Tania for the invite.


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