Twitter – turning off sms alert for rest of the world

It is a sad day for twitter. Twitter announced that it will stop delivering SMS updates via the UK number. Which means unless you are living in Canada, India or USA, you will not get anymore twitter updates on your handphone.
This is a very bad news for everyone. The SMS update is the main feature for twitter. Removing it is like making twitter useless. (ok, maybe less useful.) They did mention that they are trying to introduce new local SMS numbers in countries throughout Europe. But what about rest of the world? What about Singapore? Will people still stick with twitter without the SMS alert feature?
And also, some websites integrated twitter to their services. Will there be any issues with twitter turning off the SMS alert?
I know a lot of people have switched to Plurk lately. I’m also using plurk. But I still feel that plurk can’t replace twitter. I still prefer twitter’s clean interface. And most importantly, I love the fact that I get a SMS alrert when my friend posted a twitter message.
Still remember during twitter’s peak period where lots of conversation occurs on twitter. My handphone is always flooded with SMS alert. We had lots of fun using twitter. Although the service can be unrealible sometimes, it’s still a very good social networking site.
Hope twitter can bring back sms alert for the rest of the world soon.

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