A night in DK’s life – 18 Aug 2008

It’s been a long night. In fact, I’ve been up whole night.
So instead of the usual “A day in DK’s life”, I’ll giving you a sneak peak into a night in DK’s life.
620pm: Left home for Ogilvy centre. I forgot that I need to add extra 15 minutes in traveling as it is peak hour. Going to be late.
715pm: Reached Ogilvy centre. Late for 15 minutes. Could have reached slightly earlier but I parked my car at the wrong carpark. Mistaken Golden Shoe Carpark for Market Street Carpark. Damn. Am glad that the event haven’t started.
730pm: Talk by Rohit Bhargava, author of “Personality not included“. It was an interesting talk. Very insightful. Decided to buy the book after the talk. Ahhh…. 1 more book added to the long list of book on my desk waiting for me to read. How am I ever going to finish all of them?
9pm: Networking session. Managed to catch up with some bloggers.

  • Surprised to see Xtralicious at the event. Seldom see her at events.
  • Had a good chat with lodestar. He is planning for world domination something interesting. Looking forward to it.
  • Finally met the guy behind Harro.
  • Nice meeting Joanna again. It’s been long time since we last met.
  • And many other people…..
    10pm: Left Ogilvy centre. Don’t feel like going home.
    11pm: Reached Changi Airport T3. Went to Coffee Bean for a drink. Took out my laptop to do some work and read up some stuff. SMS keep coming in. Sigh.
    230am: Decided to turn off computer and spend sometime reading the book I just bought. It’s an interesting book.
    245am: 15 minutes into the book, I suddenly got an idea. Took out my laptop and start emailing Paddy the inspirations that I got.
    3am: Decide to leave Coffee Bean and go for a walk around T3. It’s very quiet at night. Not many people around. My shoes making lots of noise when walking.
    330am: Left T3. Went for a short spin.
    4am: Went to the McDonalds near my house to buy supper/breakfast. They run out of Hashbrown!!! How could they run out of Hashbrown!!! I want Hashbrown!!!
    415am: Reach home. Turn on computer to watch The Apprentice Season 5(again) while having my supper/breakfast.
    5am: Surf some net, did some work, blog a little.
    7am: Feeling a bit sleepy. Went for a hot shower.
    715am: Decided to write this blog entry. Still feeling sleepy. I think I’ll go take a short nap before going to office later. Hope I don’t overslept.


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