Where will DK be this Saturday evening?

There is only one place to be at this Saturday evening.
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre Opening Concert.
Date: 23 Aug 2008
Time: 10pm
Venue: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Hosted by Najip Ali and Rosalyn Lee
Featuring Ngak & Clement, Shirlyn Tan, Jack & Rai, Tay Kewei, Jiahui, Vanessa Fernandez, Kaira Gong and Jonathan Leong.
Woohoo!!! Finally, the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre is back. They torn down the old Outdoor Theatre to build a bigger and better one. Personally, I love the Outdoor Theatre becuase it is facing the bay and looking toward the CBD area. Nice place to have performance. Only problem with the old Outdoor Theatre is that it is not sheltered from rain and the limited seats. I think they fixed this 2 problem with the new Outdoor Theatre. I’ll check it out this coming Saturday. Anyway, I’m glad that the new Outdoor Theatre is ready. Looking forward to more free performance.
Anyone wanna come on Saturday?

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