First 15 Minutes of Heroes Season 3 Ep 1 – The Second Coming

Some of you heroes fans might have heard that the 1st episode of Heroes Season 3 was screened for a crowd of 6,500 fans at San Diego Comic Con International. The security was rather tight. But when there are 6500 people in the theater, it’s hard to prevent anything from leaking out to the public.
Here is the 1st 15 minutes of Heroes Season 3 Ep 1. Quite shaky and can only see 2/3 of the screen. But it is enough for those who simply can’t wait till 22 Sept.
WARNING: If you don’t want to watch spoilers, don’t click the play button. This is the real stuff.

1 more month to go. I can’t wait anymore!!!


  1. Love following heroes episodes, it came from boring into a fine tv show now. The first few episodes, I thought, its just an xmen clone. But now its fun to watch, I really hope the new season will be aired sooner.

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