The king is finally here

OK, iPhone 3G is finally here in Singapore after being 1 month late. Oh well, better late than never.

I’m at Singtel Comcentre with the Tech65 crew where they are here to do live recording of the arrival of the king of phone. The iPhone 3G.

Singtel welcomed the iPhone 3G with a bang. They constructed a temporary 2 storey glass building like the iShop in New York. A small tentage is being setup outside the building for people to queue up.

Didn’t managed to get a decent photo of the glass house. There are lots of security guard around and they refuse to let us get near the glass house. Maybe they are afraid we might steal the glass. Kidding kidding. They are here for crowd control. I managed to get close to the glass house before leaving the place.

Singtel CEO together with other top executive gathered in front of the glass house to join the crowd in countdown. There was a brief mini fireworks as they pulled the ribbon that is wrapping around the glass house. And the first 10 customers step into the glass house to purchase the first iPhone 3G from Singapore.

After roughly 10 minutes of wait, (What took them so long?) a guy finally emerge from the glass house with the iPhone 3G in his hands. Everyone is cheering as he raise the iPhone in the air for the media to take photo. I guess you will see photo of him splashed all over the newspaper tomorrow. The feeling is almost like Singapore has won another Olympic medal. Perhaps they should sing the National Anthem too. Kidding kidding.

OK, I’m signing off now. Going for supper with the guys. (My main objective tonight) The Tech65 guys are still going round the queues to interview people and their reactions towards the iPhone 3G. Keep a lookout for their latest videocast.

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